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IE Global Village Day: A Taste of Diversity 

For yet another year students from different backgrounds gathered to stand behind a nicely decorated table with samples of treats, trinkets and other interesting things originating from their countries.

The Politics Behind What You Eat

How often do you question why a certain food is trending? Nowadays the nutrition world has polarising opinions on a plethora of foods, which makes it harder for consumers to determine what is true. 

Is it time to ban meat?

It is vital that we reduce meat consumption to meet climate change mitigation targets. However, outright bans probably wouldn’t last long due to political backlash.

Rice: Climate Change’s Victim & Perpetrator

As another rice shortage creeps up on the world, agricultural and political innovation is needed to mitigate the social and environmental harm rice induces. 

Hotel Restaurants: 4 Delicious Options at the Madrid Edition

Restaurants and Beverage Outlets The Madrid Edition is a hotel that opened its doors in 2022 in the city center, inviting guests from all over...

Worldwide cuisine: 4 of Madrid’s finest and most affordable restaurants

One of IE’s best elements is its international experience. To the many international students, living abroad in Spain, meeting students from all over the...

La Areperia by Restrepo – IE Community’s Newest Business

New arepas business by Mariana Restrepo; La Areperia by Restrepo

Charrúa: A must-try restaurant for meat lovers 

To all the meat lovers at IE, if you have not been to Charrúa yet, be sure to make it your next restaurant destination!  Charrúa...

Coffee Shops for Studying in Madrid 

Focusing, not procrastinating, and being more efficient when doing your work depends on you. One big factor that can affect this is the environment...

The Real Charm behind Makan’s Saj 

Makan, meaning place in Arabic, appears to be the trendy place for IE Students to grab a quick bite with friends in between classes....


Editorial Announcement for the 2024-25 Academic Year

The academic year 2023-2024 has been an exciting period of growth for The Stork! The completely student-led and managed media outlet, with a team...

Art Unchained

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Iona Steger The concepts of "non-fungible tokens (NFTs)" and "blockchain" have been an ongoing...

AI Companies Sued for Breach of Copyright

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Klaudia Kupidura The latest developments in Generative AI have changed our habits, learning mechanisms,...