A dimly lit and mysterious ambiance that brings together Japanese/Perurivian fusion cuisine and mixology to the next level. Isa, the new gastrobar located in the Four Seasons, delivers luxury through its seductive environment and reinventive flavors. As any other Four Seasons experience, quality  always greets you with different concepts that embody artists individuality through the culinary arts. Isa’s contemporary fusion elevates the Four Seasons name by embodying flashy luxury. Miguel Pirez, the head bartender and renowned mixologist, challenges flavors through experimentation of various and exotic ingredients while incorporating new technology to bring never imagined flavors. It’s the perfect little flirtatious place to have drinks with friends for a flamboyant night in the city. The techno/house music that accompanies the bar reinforces that young and rebellious environment that its mixology and cuisine try to embody. As it is a culinary experience do not be shy to ask your waiter for recommendations as they will help you complement each cocktail’s unique flavor with others. Cocktail prices range from 14 to 16 Euros and are presented with great elegance. Isa’s overall experience is one of avant-garde luxury. By taking elements of Latin and Asian cuisine and incorporating them into a futuristic presentation and environment it creates something revolutionary.

 If you are looking for a bar that is new, guarantees good service, and is a bit flashy this is the perfect place. This bar is perfect for the type of person that doesn’t mind paying to feel pampered. Specifically, someone that doesn’t want to risk paying a lot of money to have the uncomforts or inconveniences that may arise from other bars that aren’t monitored by a large corporation such as the Four Seasons. The environment is catered to that of their travelling client and so their ambiance reflects that of any other Four Seasons restaurant in the world. It guarantees luxury, however, it lacks that “local personality” and may feel too artificial. In the end it comes down to the type of experience you as a customer want and if flashy extravagance is your style, Isa is the perfect place for you. 

Now, let’a have a look to the different cocktails they offer!


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A very fresh cocktail that is made with Ketel One Vodka, Nitro Cordial Shisho-Matcha, & white cacao. It is topped with dry ice to chill the drink and to give a mystical experience.


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Tropical and sour cocktail made with Altos tequila, lacto-fermented pineapple, agave syrup, & Supasawa. The flavor of the tequila is strong and contrasts with the fresh and sour taste of the pineapple to create a drink that plays with your tastebuds.  


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Sweet & refreshing cocktail made with Santa Teresa 1796 Rum, Jasmine Liqueur, Mango Water, Coconut Cordial. The cocktail is presented with a bubble of foam and adds to the playfulness of the drink.


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Bitter cocktail made of Seedlip Spice, Nitro Cordial Shisho-Matcha. The bitter flavors are strong and contrast to the spice creating a tingling sensation on the taste buds.

I hope you enjoyed this review, let us know what your opinion on Isa gastrobar is if you try it! And if there’s any restaurant or bar you want us to review, do not hesitate to tell us via @ieusrork on Instagram!


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