1862 is an important date for many mixology connoisseurs, as it is the publishing date of Jerry Thomas Bar-Tender’s Guide; the first cocktail book printed in the United States. Alberto Martínez, the owner and bartender of 1862 Dry Bar left his career as an architect to pursue mixology, specifically the classic flavors that he always adored, and wished to share with others. His passion for classical cocktails inspired the creation of this marvelous bar that transports you to a state of nostalgia. A bar with a lot of personality in the heart of Malasaña, that has the typical speakeasy ambiance that not many bars can properly replicate. The effortless nature of the environment and the quality of the cocktails create an atmosphere where life’s everyday troubles disappear and meaningful conversations emerge. The bar’s emphasis on passion is well reflected in the staff and enthusiasm for making great recommendations, and making sure the customer’s experience is nothing but exceptional. It is no surprise that in such a short time 1862 Dry Bar has been so successful that it has been voted as one of “50 Best bars in the world”. 1862 Dry Bar is proof that putting passion into your work guarantees quality and experiences that are not replaceable.         

As a university student, this is the perfect place to laugh and converse with friends. The environment is relaxing and lets you escape everyday life for a bit. The prices are well worth the value of the cocktails as they range from 9 to 13 Euros, and they are generous with their alcohol content. 1862 Dry Bar is definitely “a must” for your time at IE. It is a place you can really enjoy yourself, the company of others, and great mixology.   

Here are some of their classic cocktails to try out:

  • Místico 

The Mezcal gives it a smokey taste that clashes with the distinct fresh flavors of aperol, green apple, & lime. Finished off with fluffy egg whites.

  • Pimm’s Cup

A classic refreshing British drink made of Pimm’s #1, lime, sugar, & sprite. 

  • Dragón Amarillo by Santos

Tequila infused with ají amarillo picante, grapefruit, passion fruit, & apricot foam that has the texture of fluffy meringue.

  • Dark Espresso Martini 

The Venezuelan Rum & Castañas syrup eases the intense taste of coffee and that is topped off with East India cream. 

  • American Dream

Bourbon, vanilla liquor, Orange Shrub, & Amaro di Angostura

  • Paloma

A traditional Mexican cocktail made with tequila, lime, agave, & grapefruit soda.

  • Mai Thai

Mixture of Jamaican & Agrícola rums, lime, Curaçao liqueur, & orgeat syrup.

  • Negroni

Sweet vermouth, gin, & campari.

Stay tuned for other articles like this and let us know what your opinion is If you decide to try the bar out! Let us know which ones are your to-go bars in Madrid via @ieustork !


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