JB Festival: A Vibrant Celebration of Music, Food, and Community in Segovia’s Plaza Mayor


JUAN BRAVO fonda illustrada, nicknamed ‘Juan Bravo’ and shortened to ‘JB,’ is a special place for every IE Segovia student. Everyone must go at least one time before leaving for Madrid. 

From its traditional cuisines and great drink options to the beautiful sight of the cathedral at any time of the day, JB is a place we all come to love and hold close to when we think about our time living or visiting Segovia.

What is the JB Festival?

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the beloved restaurant, two brilliant IE students joined hands with the Juan Bravo team to create what we know as the first JB Festival. From April 25 to April 27, Juan Bravo hosted three different and exciting events where IE students went to enjoy music, have a fun evening with friends, and of course, quench their thirst with some fantastic drinks and munch on some complimentary tapas.

Juan Bravo festival picture 1
Image courtesy of Blanca Caballero

I got a little insight into the JB Festival from two of the organizers, as mentioned, good friends Gin (short for Ginevra) and Blanca from the Segovia campus.

Hi! First, let’s start with your name, what year you are, and what your degree is.

G: Ginevra Sanseverino, 2nd year, Economics.

B: Blanca Caballero, a second-year communication student at IEU in Segovia.

Now, please tell me what the JB festival is. What was the purpose of it? When did it take place?

G: The purpose was to celebrate the beginning of spring with some music and good times.

B: The JB Primavera project was initially developed by Miguel, Juan Bravo’s manager. He approached Ginevra and me looking for help creating a three-day event catering to IE students. Gin and I loved the idea and started planning right away.

image 2 jb
Image courtesy of Blanca Caballero

What was the system? Where did the funds go to? Did clients get a table at JB, or do they have to buy tickets?

G: The clients got tables, as usual; no prepaid tickets were involved. The fund was primarily used to pay for the people involved (DJs, a band, etc.). Our goal was not the profit but the chance to create a successful event, hoping to have more in the future.

B: The system was as per usual. We wanted the events to be accessible above all. Anyone could sit down and enjoy 🙂

What drew you to become one of the coordinators for the festival?

G: I work at Juan Bravo as a waitress and event coordinator. We have already had other events with certain clubs at IE and will have more in the coming weeks!

B: I love to be involved in different projects. I never say no to any opportunity I am given. When Miguel asked me to join the team, I instantly said yes! I never say no to any chance I am given.

Who came up with the idea of the festival and all its theme days?

G: The main idea originated from the manager Miguel, [but] the planning and execution of each day were undertaken by Blanca Caballero and me.

B: My friend Gin and I developed most of the ideas. Miguel gave us the freedom to be creative about it.

How long did it take the plan each of the events?

G: The manager came up with the idea around the beginning of March, and we have had meetings to organize it since.

B: We met for a month to create and execute the events. The planning wasn’t very long, and it was extremely fun to do. We got to sit at Plaza with Aperols and talk for hours in the sun. That is how the events came to be.

image 3 jb
Image courtesy of Blanca Caballero

Which day would you say was your favorite out of the three?

G: The first day was my favorite, as the band created a great atmosphere, and we had no significant interruptions by the police. Unfortunately, we had to cut the event short on Thursday because of noise complaints.

B: My favorite day was the first one, without a doubt. We had a lot of trouble on Days 2 and 3 due to numerous problems with the permits and complaints from the other local bars in plaza mayor. Day 3 got shut down very early, which was very frustrating for Gin and me as we had contacted numerous fantastic DJs that couldn’t perform.

image 4 jb
Image courtesy of Blanca Caballero

Was it a fun experience, and how so?

G: Yes, it was definitely a fun experience, the team we worked with is great, and overall, it was a great success.

B: It was extremely fun! This type of opportunity is exclusive to Segovia. No other places would allow two inexperienced university students to organize.

Would you ever plan something similar again? If so, what would you do differently next time?

G: We have been thinking of planning a similar event to mark the end of the academic year. We will be posting more about it in the coming days.

How did you find DJs and bands to make sound at the festival?

G: We were lucky enough to know the people we needed to help us.

Anything else you would like to add?

G: Hope to see you all at the next one!

image 5 jb
Image courtesy of Blanca Caballero

Another person that participated in this wonderful festival is the talented creator of the brand made by Jop, Julia!

MadeByJop is a business that she started around the COVID pandemic, and it focuses on sustainability and individuality when it comes to her designs.

“The festival was open for everyone. One of the days, there was a bazaar where people would walk through stands, with many sellers selling accessories, clothes, and even objects,”  Julia says as she was one of the sellers during the second day of the festival.

Was it a fun experience, and how so?

J: It was! I got to sell my clothes, and the other sellers were super friendly. I had a customization stand where I customized the clothes I was selling, and speakers played Brazilian music.

An example of MadeByJop’s art!

Julia also stated that she plans to participate in another bazaar soon, so let’s be sure to stay tuned for that! You can find her designs on her Instagram: @madebyjop.

Check out more of Julia’s art and her story here, in this Stork article.

image 19
Image courtesy of Blanca Caballero

As we can see, the JB Festival was founded on excitement and fun and focused on simply making the IE community have a fantastic time as spring began as Juan Bravo celebrated six years in business.

Valeria Jaramillo
Valeria Jaramillo
Hi! My name is Valeria Jaramillo. I am a 3rd year BIR student from Ecuador and I just enjoy writing about life.

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