Ibiza: A Perfect Mediterranean Dream


If you are in need of some sun, sea and fun – Ibiza is the perfect destination to fly out to for a couple of days!

Just an hour and fifteen minutes away from Madrid, flights are not only very fast but also affordable.

Upon first hearing about Ibiza, you may associate it with its party scenes and nightlife. But I have come to realise recently that there is so much more to the island. 

Ibiza is in fact, home to tons of jaw dropping beaches! Whether you are looking for something rocky or sandy, beach clubs or more – your choices are endless. Some of my favourite places that offer you both a nice location and some yummy fresh meals include; Amante, El Silencio, and Experimental Beach. Visit these recommendations, and you will be left mesmerised with the gorgeous scenery and delicious food choices. 

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When travelling to Ibiza, another must-go-to place that brims with natural beauty is Es Vedrà. To receive the best views, head to Mirador Des Vedrà around sunset time, where you will be able to enjoy the spectacular seascape. Do keep in mind though, that the parking near the view point tends to fill up fast. I would suggest getting there well in advance to calmly find a spot and walk towards the top, where you watch the gorgeous sunset. 

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Finally, leave one full day of your trip to explore Formentera. Just 30 minutes away by ferry, it’s the smallest of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Often called the Maldives of Europe because of its crystal clear waters and stretches of seashore. It is the perfect place to clear your mind and relax. Once you arrive at Formentera’s tiny port, a fun and adventurous way to get around the island is to rent a bike, leaving you with an opportunity to stop as you please and swim in the irresistible sandy beaches.  

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All in all, Ibiza is a Mediterranean dream. After visiting once, believe me, you will be eager to return. As the end of this school year approaches, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a little getaway! 

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