IE Women’s Football Madrid: First insights into the league


Three games into the league, the girls are showing incredible progress. With three defeats out of three games, the girls are seeking to improve and progress on their skills and find their first victory.

The first game was a demolishing loss, both physically and mentally, especially since the women’s football team had only had the chance to practice twice in preparation for the game. However, after the score of 7-1, the girls felt motivated more than ever to train and work harder on their skills. Nevertheless, certain external factors did not make such progress easy to achieve. With two Tuesday training cancelled due to absent buses as well as distant football fields, and not to mention the late classes put some of the girls in a dilemma, affecting their performance.

During the first game of the season, the team captain, Pamela Rodriguez (a.k.a Pame) was injured. Having an injured captain proved to be tough on a young team, yet Pamela never stopped believing in her girls and assisted in the second game with crutches and positive energy.

The girls lost the second game 5-1 but showed an increasing improvement in defensive tactics. With Pame injured, Ainara (a.k.a Turtles) showed an amazing spirit and motivated the girls throughout the game. In the third game, the girls experienced a plethora of emotions. With the girls leading 2-1, the second half-time was decisive for both sides. The opponents changed their strategy and surprised the IE team with several goals in a few minutes before the whistle blow. There is nothing better to describe what happened during those intense minutes to the young team than the Spanish word “remontada”, ending in a final result of 4-2 with the girls suffering their third consecutive defeat.

With only a month of training and barely knowing each other would not compare with the opponents’ more symbiotic player relationships, the IE Women’s Football team is working hard and willing to work harder to change future results. Having on-time buses and closer facilities will certainly help them achieve their goals, but it does not stop them from improving their performance every day. As a team, the girls are building little by little stronger relationship, both during training and after training. By the end of the year, the girls will have a strong bond that will leave them in tears when some of them will go to exchange, graduate and go into the professional world.

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