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After multiple fruitful events, the Marketing Club is organising their biggest event yet. The IE Marketing Day on April 1st strives to provide the IE community with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a 360° experience of the realm of marketing. The event will be held at the IE tower and aims to make the professional world accessible to students that are interested in the subject and have a desire to learn. 

The event consists of a variety of opportunities to learn about the marketing industry, develop crucial skills, gain invaluable insights, and network with high profile brands as well as like minded peers. These possibilities are provided in a variety of different events, including workshops held by professionals and professors, panel discussions with marketing executives, networking with alumni, brands, and students, all concluding in a gala. 

Workshops explore a variety of facets of the marketing industry through practical experiences and competitions. The workshops aim to challenge participants in skills such as content writing and critical analytical skills. The Marketing Club has amassed a prominent pool of speakers, working for brands such as Nike, Samsung and Earth 300. 

This all culminates in an excellent chance for networking in the form of a lavish gala. Serving as a closure for the IE Marketing Day, participants can enjoy music, snacks, and drinks alongside top speakers, professionals, students, company hiring staff and executives.

Aiming to stimulate the growth of future marketers and introduce the marketing world to other curious students, this event is the ideal opportunity to explore what it means to work in the industry while working on a tremendous skillset. 

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Grads Give Back

From IE University to Marketing Professionals

Come listen to what our own IE University Alumni’s Journeys to successful professionals.
The event will be led by Andrea Fernández Navarro, Elsa Arnaiz Chico, and Paula Garcia de Quevedo


Sustainability and Innovation

A superyacht on a mission to save the world. An extreme technology platform for science, innovation, and exploration at sea, to combat climate change.

The founder of Earth 300, Aaron Olivera, will discuss the facets of Marketing such a big and disruptive endeavour. We will touch on innovation & sustainability whilst examining his journey to resolve climate change.

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Strategy Optimisation in Today’s World

Examining how the COVID-19 impacted marketing: the rise of video marketing, the impact of tech on brand strategy, and content creation.

This panel will be led by Matilde Ferreira Queimado, Nancy Villanueva García, Rebeca Flores, and Joaquin Flores Dorado focusing on Strategy optimisation in today’s world.

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