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Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” 

Jim Rohn

IE University’s first book club was formed earlier during this school year, and we recently got in touch with Yosra Kok, founder and president of the club, to know more about it.

How was the club formed?

During my first year at IE, I was looking to join an IE Bookclub when I discovered that one did not exist. That is when I decided that every university must have a book club and decided to found the IE Bookclub myself! At the beginning of the 21/22 school year, I put in the proposal for the club and after we got accepted, we got our officers together. Our first event was on the 27th of November!

What gave you the idea for the club?

Since I was young, I have been an avid reader and read around 50 books a year. I wanted to create a place for other book lovers and literature enthusiasts to come together and discuss our favorite reads, make recommendations and read the same books to discuss them afterward. Reading is one of the most effective ways to stimulate and relax the mind simultaneously, and it is a hobby of many people in the IE community. Reading is by itself a solitary activity. Therefore, bringing people together with the same interest in literature and reading to discuss current reads and important topics brings a social aspect to a usually lone activity. Important to me was the idea that with students from so many different degrees and so many other interests found in IE, a book club could offer students a feeling of community and identity. 

What should members expect? What type of events do you plan, if any?

We primarily organize reading periods followed by a discussion event where we meet up in a coffee shop or at Uni to talk about our experience reading the book, important storylines, themes, and favorite quotes. We also organize movie nights on famous books, discussion boards, workshops, and coffee meet-ups where we can all read together and chat. On our Instagram @ieubookclub, we have all the information on past and future events and the link to join our WhatsApp group 🙂

How do you think the club embodies IE values (entrepreneurship, tech & innovation, diversity, or another value)?

The IE Bookclub aims to promote open-mindedness through meeting diverse people, in-depth discussion about ongoing topics, and immersion in various genres of literature.

We want to create a sense of community for the readers at IE University and promote a passion for literature among students. Whether one reads 20 books a month or 1 a year; whether it be political, historical, fantasy, romance, poems, thriller, non-fiction, or anything else; whether one reads physical books, eBooks, listens to audiobooks, our club poses as a platform to enter into meaningful discussions.

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