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With almost 2500 members and 86 past events, the Marketing Club is emerging as a prominent club within the IE community. The diverse and talented pool of members are provided with invaluable information, insights on industry knowledge and opportunities for professional development. Beyond this, the Marketing Club aims to serve as a platform that stimulates the growth and potential of its members through various club activities.

Team with speaker

Felix Veaux, President of the Marketing Club, along with Vice President, Lara Wazz, have composed a versatile and proficient team of coordinators that emphasise professionalism, excellence, and integrity in their work. Having organised a variety of workshops, seminars, consultations with companies, and networking opportunities, the club has sophisticated their abilities to execute events meticulously. 

The club distinguishes itself by placing an emphasis on the quality of their work, employing a variety of tools to ensure the best possible experience for participants. Among the great variety of events, the Marketing Club has familiarised itself with attracting acclaimed companies and professionals in the industry. 

Ranging from organising workshops with companies such as Gartner and Amazon Web Services to seminars with brands such as Amazon, Nike, Coca-Cola, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Eurosport, the Marketing Club intends to find the best fit between students and high-profile speakers. 

Networking events and recruiter fairs allow participants to apply the skills they have learned in past events and increase their hiring chances. A consistent exchange with a melange of students, professionals, recruiters, and professors allows members to build networking abilities in a variety of environments. Therefore, members can refine their marketing skills and knowledge, develop crucial competences, and become the professional they aspire to be. 

Indeed, the marketing club is setting a precedent for highlighting the professional greatness of its members. The fruits of these accomplishments can be identified by the numerous events that the club has organised and will continue to coordinate in the future. Namely, the club is coordinating their biggest event yet – the IE Marketing Day on April 1st

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