Ukraine Tourism: Overlooked?


Ukraine is a beautiful yet overlooked country stained by the recent tragic events occurring on its eastern border. Ukraine is the second biggest country in Europe, hiding incredibly beautiful places. It has gone through an extremely hard period: 

  • 1st: Being sabotaged by its own pro-Russian president (Viktor Yanukovych caused and started Euromaidan and resigned in 2014)
  • 2nd: The Euro Maidan ( The Ukrainian population’s revolution against pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych)
  • 3rd: The illegal annexation of Crimea, and lastly the ongoing war on its easter border. (Russia annexing Crimea in March 2014)

Ukraine has since been attempting to rebuild and join the European Union.

           Westerners often associate Ukraine with being a second Russia filled with alcoholics drinking vodka 24/7 and eating pork fat. However, Ukraine is a lot more than this. It is a developing country filled with beautiful places and wonders to visit.

           Ukraine’s will to distance itself from Russia has resulted in a very Europeanised community seeking independent prosperity. Their desire to enter the EU has prompted a cultural and economic transformation, and it now wishes to capitalize on its rich heritage and beautiful country to start a tourism industry. Ukraine authorities launched a tourism restart plan in 2017 spanning till 2026 which include new safety, and regulatory policies as well as legal support, infrastructure development with much more. 

Its most recent and famous reform is its suppression of visa requirements for many countries such as Brazil, Japan, the US, and all EU citizens and most other countries can apply for a quick E-visa making it easy to enter the country.

Ukraine’s most pressing goal is to grow its private hotel chain network. Today there are 17 international hotel brands in Ukraine with plans for more to open in 2024-2025 after the COVID crisis. Today you can find Accor, Radisson, Intercontinental, Marriott and Hilton group hotels around the country as well as other local hotel chains. This is a promising start…

So why visit Ukraine?

1.       Landscapes to visit and hike.

2.       Cities such as Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa amongst others boast a wide range of beautiful architecture and historic sights (amongst the newly developing party industry).

3.       Chernobyl is the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

4.       Medical tourism as Ukraine hosts a wide range of highly trained and specialised doctors for cheaper than in most people’s home countries.

Here are a few beautiful places with pictures…

1.       Lviv: An amazing city in western Ukraine field with a rich history

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2.       Kyiv: The capital of Ukraine

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3.       Bukovel: A ski and spa-resort surrounded by beautiful Ukrainian landscapes

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4.       Odesa: A port city on the Black sea

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5.       Pink lakes (Arabatska Strilka): Beautiful pink lakes

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6.       Hoverla mountain: The highest mountains in Ukraine


7.       Dzharylhach Island: An island coasted with white sandy beaches and clear water

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8.       Kherson Cliffs: A natural beautiful scenery

Additionally here is the Instagram of outstanding photographs on Instagram:

1.       @zhukevych: He publishes pictures of Kyiv

2.       @dorosh.raw: He publishes cinematography of Ukraine

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