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“If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money”  


The IE Sustainable Development Club reconciles sustainable development and business by achieving the United Nations 2023 Agenda.

The three main objectives of the club are:

  •  Raise awareness through events and social media campaigns
  • Make effective volunteering by working for NGOs
  • Ideate policies with the discussion of innovative ideas

 The club tackles different initiatives coordinated with the 17 United Nations Goals in the public and private sectors. They have many ways to concrete the club’s objective, including working at a local and international scale, mainly to impact IE and a larger audience.

Are there new projects? 

A sustainability fashion studio has been launched recently, connected with the community in Madrid. The club aims to reach the gap between intentions and practices. Besides, a community garden project is ongoing to be established in sector V (Cañada Real) in Madrid, where IE students are currently teaching English to children.

 It is an excellent enterprise to improve the area and allow IE students to commit to an environmental initiative. Moreover, the club seeks new international connections and may develop some projects with other sustainability clubs, focusing on volunteering. 

What should members expect? 

The club is very open to new ideas: students with vision through. Members can expect to find partnerships and answers to “who they want to be?”. 

What type of events do you host? 

There are at least two professional events per month and one type of social event at a local scale with different sustainable actors mainly implemented in Madrid. As for the Segovia Campus, the social aspect of the SDG Club is more developed thanks to the nature of Segovia itself since it’s a small city and surrounded by nature.

Additional information  

The club is undertaken by a directory of four people and twelve coordinators. One hundred sixty people are part of the main group chat, and 331 are following IE SDG club on campus life. 


Community in Madrid

Community in Segovia

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