How to BEST live your last months in Segovia


Only a couple of days until spring break, the excitement over going away can be felt all around me. 

IE Segovia campus
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From living on-campus to my apartment – almost everyone I know is leaving for some adventure before the last two months of school start. 

And while the exhilaration of vacations can be a welcoming distraction, all I’m thinking about is how in less than three months, I’ll be saying goodbye to Segovia and, with that, the city I have called home for two years. The place where I have made so many memories that I’ll still laugh about for years. 

While I’m excited for Madrid, I can’t lie and say that Segovia hasn’t been fun and will be missed dearly. This city has treated me like a friend from my first night as a first-year in my residence to my final days as a second-year. 

So, instead of counting the days until it’s time to pack my belongings and ship them to Madrid, I intend to spend my last days in Segovia to the fullest, and I will help you do the same. 

Here’s a list of things I recommend doing before saying your final goodbyes to Segovia: 

First: have a night out!  

I know better than anyone that going to the same places can be uneventful after two years, and you prefer to stay at home with a series. But, I assure you that you will be okay picking a Thursday to go to Irish with friends or to Juan Bravo on a Friday for drinks. 

The feeling of boredom will fade once you realize that you might not return here again any time soon. So get those last memories at our beloved Irish, where every IE student in Segovia must go at least once, and take advantage of that free drink with your entry ticket purchase! 

Juan Bravo in Segovia
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The same thing goes with Juan Bravo and its long menu of drinks. Go with your friends, grab a table outside, and have fun in the sun. Stay until the kitchen is closed; all they have to give you is tortilla de patata on bread and some good cheese and jam (Spanish style). 

Now as for the second, take advantage of the good weather and go for a picnic! 

One of my best memories from my first year includes my friends planning a surprise picnic for my birthday. It was on the meadow near the campus on the way to the aqueduct. 

We can always see locals taking their dogs for a walk or students heading to campus. 

The place is beautiful and perfect for some quality time with friends. Grab some blankets, get your favorite foods (we opted for pizza and pancakes from VIPA), and sit surrounded by your closest friends. 

Trust me; you will not regret it. 

For the third idea, I will say it’s pretty simple… go for a hike. 

This is something that I personally never would have imagined enjoying as much as I have. But honestly, some of the best laughs and conversations I have had in this city have been while walking. 

Either on the way to the Creativity Center from the school, leaving Irish late at night, or just walking around until you end up in the Alcazar. 

image 19
Image courtesy of Viajeros Ocultos

Segovia is a city meant for walking, so take advantage of its beauty and hike in nature or just through the city streets. It can be morning or night – I prefer night walks – do it for one last time and enjoy it to the fullest. 

My final point on this list is to remember the tourist landmarks! 

Let’s face it, despite having lived here for two years; no one has visited all the tourist spots around town. I was surprised last year to find out that most of my friends who were moving to Madrid had yet to be inside the Cathedral in Plaza Mayor or the Alcázar. 

Don’t be like them, and go for it! Go with friends or own your own but take any opportunity to visit them. They are more beautiful inside than outside; you will learn about this city before you say goodbye. The regular price for the Alcazar is 7 euros, and for the cathedral, it is only 4 for a general visit. 

This list can help you to live your last months in this city to the fullest. These last months have flown by, and so will April and May, so take advantage of every day and make some memories before packing time begins again. 

And also, in the meantime, think of all the fun variety of things you will accomplish in Madrid. Look at the campus alone, it is beautiful and so different to Segovia’s!

Valeria Jaramillo
Valeria Jaramillo
Hi! My name is Valeria Jaramillo. I am a 3rd year BIR student from Ecuador and I just enjoy writing about life.

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