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Last Wednesday, March 30th, the Creativity Center hosted a gala with the collaboration of many clubs including but not limited to the Girl Up Club, the Charity and SAS Clubs, and the Music Club. The gala was a fundraiser for  Otro Tiempo, a charity that aims to aid women in the workplace, fostering equal pay and much more.

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After the reception cocktail was served, a raffle took place and the Music Club performed. The timing of the event was not at all arbitrary; the fundraiser took place during Women’s History Month, an internationally recognized month to remember and take inspiration to advance equity and equality. 

After this beautiful event, we got the chance to interview two of the organizers, Margarita Peces and Catalina Leon, and they gave us insight regarding how the event came to life. They expressed the thought of organizing a bigger event, yet came to realize that it might take away from the true meaning of the event which is what they really wanted to put emphasis on. They have collected around a total of 300 euros for Otro Tiempo, which also has headquarters in Segovia, where they help businesswomen with their courses to improve and help to further their businesses. 

Cata Leon expresses that the event’s purpose was to “honor women, while also honoring ourselves”. Marga Peces stresses that “women’s rights are also a men’s issue”, and both were happy to see the involvement of the diversity of students that showed up. They both noted that as their time in Segovia comes to an end, they hope to inspire other clubs and their own clubs to continue hosting and organizing such events that could help the Segovia community while raising awareness of social issues.

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What makes IE special is events such as the “Honoring Women Gala” taking place, which doesn’t just offer a fun time for students but also has a larger purpose of helping others. Marga has noted that the platform IE Connects offers a variety of activities for the students to participate in and invites everyone to check the website more. 

It was a wonderful experience to have been side by side for a such momentous event. It is important to note that other student-run clubs of IE University have taken their time to make this event come to life, the clubs that were not mentioned prior include Women In Business, SDGs, as well as the Photo Club. 


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