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Welcome to Segovia for those who are joining IE University, and welcome back to those who are returning to the beautiful small town. It is a thrilling feeling to be back, and one of the best times to socialize and get comfortable in the new environment. Thus, I wanted to put together my top 9 events to partake in this September, in chronological order.

1. Baco’s Vanilla Villa

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Courtesy of @bacoevents on Instagram

During the first week back for second years (and the week before first years start classes), on  Friday 9th of September is Baco’s Vanilla Villa happening: a white party! They are one of the original groups to start party organizing for IE students and announced the details on their Instagram account! The party will take place in Sabbat and feature many great DJs! Make sure to get your tickets and start planning your all-white attire!

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Courtesy of Baco Events

2. IE Club Fair

Courtesy of the IE Library

On Monday 12th of September, the Undergrad Club Fair at IE’s Segovia campus will take place from 11:30-1 PM & from 5:30-7 PM. This is an incredible opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities that match your interests and to familiarise yourself with club officers. IE offers a wide range of clubs that can pique your interest and check all your boxes.

3. Scavenger Hunt

On Tuesday 13th of September, a scavenger hunt will take place, in collaboration with many clubs, it is promised to be fun! Be sure to check your school emails for more follow-ups and details!

4. Art & Though Classes Launch

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Courtesy of IE Creativity Center

IEU’s Creativity Center is launching the initial session of Art & Thought classes. On Tuesday 13th of September, the details and the free ticket can be found on IE Connects! This particular workshop focuses on using art as a tool to evolve and uncover skills rather than the production of art,  and can be fun for everyone!

5. Music for a Mindset: Transcendent Opportunities

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Courtesy of IE Creativity Center

On Tuesday 13th of September, another event will be organized by the Creativity Center titled “Music for a Mindset: Transcendent Opportunities.” Originally designed for musicians, they do welcome anyone with a keen interest in music production, art, design, etc. You can find more information about this event, and SegoJazz through IE Connects and the Creativity Center’s  Instagram!

6. Sense’s Fresh Event

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Courtesy of @sense.segovia on Instagram

To finish off your long day of socializing on Tuesday 13th of September, chose to socialize even more with Sense. With a meet and greet at Pub Bow and an after at Canavans-Theatre, commonly nicknamed “Irish”, you will be sure to vibe with the “Afrobeats, Reggaeton & Commercial” music. Get more info on tickets and times scheduled on their Instagram.

7. Culinary Club: Spanish Tapas Edition

culinary club
Courtesy of the Culinary Club of Segovia

The Culinary Club of Segovia will be hosting a cooking class for a limited amount of people on Wednesday 14th of September to teach them how to make various types of tapas and gazpachos, the interactive event is a perfect opportunity to learn from a Spanish student with gastronomy experience, meet new people in a fun environment, and enjoy delicious food and beverages! The information in regards to the event will be announced from their Instagram page.

8. Alcatraz’s Tropical Night

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Courtesy of @alcatrazevents_ on Instagram

Run by our students, Alcatraz will be taking place on Thursday 15th of September! It is the first ever Irish Thursday of the year – if you did not already know, IE Segovia students typically go out to Irish Tuesdays and Thursdays – and the most memorable! This event will have a tropical dress code and transform Segovia’s favorite club into a rainforest. You can be updated in regards to tickets and more news on Alcatraz’s Instagram account.

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Courtesy of @alcatrazevents_ on Instagram from the ‘Prison Break’ event

9. Tanker Events: A Festival You Shouldn’t Miss

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Courtesy of @tankerevents on Instagram

Tanker is a traditional festival, that all IE students from both campuses enjoy, and they are back again on Saturday 17th of September! The venue is still kept a secret however the details can be found on their Instagram page! Both previous Tanker festivals have been a huge success so you will want to be there for the third one.

10. Techno with Mosaic Sessions

Later on Thursday 22nd of September, Mosaic Sessions will be doing another event at Irish, they are known for being the big techno brand of Segovia. The event will be announced with details through their Instagram account and should not be missed out on it.

There are many more events to enjoy this September, you can follow them through IE Connects, or the Instagram pages of clubs and event organizers! Also, be sure to join as many group chats as possible to keep yourself up to date on future events and plans.

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