IEUMUN 2021: IE School of GPA to Partner with Debate Club

With participants from over 35 countries, the conference raised hundreds of euros - all of it donated - to provide relief-aid in Beirut and Yemen.

Trump: The Enemy of the State

"The global bastion of democracy is under siege, and is being besieged from within by insurgents led by a wicked orange charlatan."

104 Days Alone: Wisdom & Foolishness for a Life Apart

If another series of lockdowns are to happen, here is what you need to read: Four months. Fourteen weeks. One hundred and four days. With...

Op-Ed: An Indifferent University & an Idle Election

Let me begin by stating a few things. First, I want to congratulate Team Yellow – at the end of the day, they are a...

Adam Rose Candidacy Announcement & Conflict of Interest Resolution Statement

To my Readers & Fellow Students, I hope this letter finds you and your families well during these uncertain times. As you will have seen, Student...

Adam Rose

Adam is an IEU Class of 2023 Business Administration and International Relations alumnus. A United Nations Millennium Ambassador and a UNSSC Social Impact Award Recipient, he has an affinity for strategic partnerships, sustainable enterprises, and crisis management. Adam has affiliations with societies such as MCN, Nova Talent, and the National Academy Foundation. He has served on the Stork's Advisory Board since its founding in 2020.
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