Coronavirus Chaos Continues: Spain Declares State of Emergency, IE Students Stranded Worldwide, SG Elections Postponed Indefinitely

"Students don't care about a f*cking student election when it's the end of the world."

General Soleimani “Was not Irreplaceable” – Dr. Shirin Ebadi – Day 2, Part 2, WES Review Series

“Iran is like a volcano, sadly it could erupt at any moment… [Therefore], the best thing Western countries can do to Iran, is to do nothing with Iran.”

“Of Sexual Violence, Western Hegemony, and Humanitarianism” – Day 2, Part 1, WES Review Series

Putin “is not a great strategist … he has been a very foolish leader” - Sir Malcolm Rifkind

Day 1 of the Warwick Economic Summit, WES Review Series

On Brexit, “I feel a bit like I did when I woke up … and heard the results … that sinking feeling. I think I feel more isolated.” - Malcolm Harbour, Former British MEP

Adam Rose

Adam is an IEU Class of 2023 Business Administration and International Relations alumnus. A United Nations Millennium Ambassador and a UNSSC Social Impact Award Recipient, he has an affinity for strategic partnerships, sustainable enterprises, and crisis management. Adam has affiliations with societies such as MCN, Nova Talent, and the National Academy Foundation. He has served on the Stork's Advisory Board since its founding in 2020.
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