5 Rituals you can do for this Halloween


Halloween has always been related to the dark unknown: what happens after we die? Do we become ghosts? Do we go to Heaven? Hell? Are we reborn in a different time dimension? Do we follow and protect our loved ones? Do we control the future? Or if you are a skeptic, do we really just rot in the ground or dissolve in our ashes?

We will never know until we die unless we are ready to open the door to friendly, but spooky spirits that may or may not be present in a distant, yet close in energetic time zone…

So, if this Halloween you want to ditch the parties and the costumes, and feel the thrill of the parallel dimension of your deceased lovers, or spirit guardians; continue reading for some rituals you can do at home by yourself or with some friends to really feel the spook of the new Samhain moon in this Scorpio season with Mercury in retrograde— 🌕👻🧙🏻.

Prepare dinner for the dead

This ritual has been a tradition passed down for centuries to honor close relatives, friends, or lovers that have passed. The dinner served should be a plate that your deceased loved one used to crave, it might be their favorite dish or something that united the both of you. For instance, if your grandma used to cook you a vegetable stew during the cold winter, that will do the trick. Or if your brother loved buffalo wings and chicken tikka masala, you can have a spicy dinner as well. Remember to cook a plate for yourself and another one for your loved one. At the table, before beginning to set the food,  write a handwritten letter to your loved one, from the bottom of your heart, inviting them to your supper. You can decorate the table with pictures, jewels, flowers, or anything that reminds you of them. If you feel like you should cleanse the environment, do so by lighting some candles, lighting some sage or palo santo, or playing some music. Eat the dinner in silence, no talking should be done. Just open your hearts and minds to let the energy of your loved one come to you. After finishing the meal, burn the letter in order to release it into the universe.

Make an altar and ask for advice

Sometimes it seems like we have no clue what to do with our personal and/or professional lives and somehow we need an urgent answer form a more knowledgable being. Set up and altar to your loved ones with objects that remind you of them and others that are authentically yours. For example, apart from pictures of my grandfather, I would add to the altar a set of binoculars, an Italian flag, and a feather of a toucan. Whilst I’ll add on my behalf my favorite book, my diary, and my birthstone. After setting the altar, try to do a long session of meditation, by picturing a cemetery where you will find your loved one and bring the issue to the conversation and ask for their advice. You will be able to connect with them on a deeper level of the subconscious.

Dance it out

If you really feel like partying, but don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, invite some close friends who have also had some contact with a close death and have them bring pieces that remind them of their loved ones. Add everything to the center of a room, play some music, drink some spooky cocktails and feel the movement that sparks from the soul expressed through your body.

Take a crystal bath

If you feel just like relaxing and meditating, but at the same time, having your chakras realigned and having some skincare done, fill your tub with hot water, add your crystals and stones to the water. You can make an infusion of herbs (normal tea can work) or essential oils, or a simple, but fun bath bomb. Light some candles, bring a book, play some zen music, and disappear through your thoughts in the water.

Get a tarot reading

And if you are curious enough about what the future holds, the meaning of certain events in your life, or what game your loved ones play in the day to day, call your local psychic and enjoy the power of the energetic conscious. 


Featured Image obtained Instagram thenatureofawitch

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