Ukraine’s Quest for Prosperity: Its separation from Russia

Discussing Ukraine's current position and its will to develop and become a major political and economic power in central Europe is an immense and...

Trump: The Enemy of the State

"The global bastion of democracy is under siege, and is being besieged from within by insurgents led by a wicked orange charlatan."

Ethics, Aesthetics, and Public Discourse Through Art | IEABC (Art)icle Series

This year, the theme of ARCOmadrid (one of the leading international art fairs, and the largest in Spain) was “It’s Just A Matter of...

The Biden-Harris Inauguration

On the 20th of January 2021, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America, alongside his running-mate,...

How To Stay Positive During Covid-19

If you clicked on this article looking for a magic fix on how to stay positive throughout the rest of this pandemic I’m sorry to say that this ain’t it. Instead here a few realistic and simple suggestions to help you move into a more positive mindset.

Vaccines: Raising hopes, raising fear?

By Sara Lona Abou El Mona At the end of this exhausting year, we are still facing unprecedented times. The global pandemic has affected almost...

International Law and European Solidarity in the Refugee Crisis | IE...

Has Europe risen to the challenge of adequately addressing the refugee crisis? What role does international law play? These were some of the questions...