Spring in Segovia: Self Care Challenge Review

Hello Everyone and Welcome Back to Spring in Segovia! It's finally Spring Break!!! I hope you all have plans and will enjoy your well-deserved holiday...

Finding Inner Peace in Stressful Times

Unfortunately, it’s that time of the year again when students spend countless hours cramming as much information they can, whilst simultaneously balancing their multiple...

Spring in Segovia: Shopping Local

Hello and welcome to Spring in Segovia; the perfect guide on how to enjoy the most beautiful season of the year in the quaint...

Winter in Segovia: The Finale

As you may have noticed, winter is coming to an end, and so is this section of Lifestyle Segovia, so here are our last few tips to survive winter!

España Despierta: Madrid Lock-down Protest (with video)

In the late afternoon on the 23th of January, IE Student Alejandro Gamarra spotted a large gathering of people holding signs and chanting at Jardines del Descubrimiento. Gamarra abandoned his car to head for the protest to further investigate.

Vaccine: Geopolitics and Spheres of Influence

Here we are, vaccines have been approved and trials have been promising. Now the stake is at distribution. Most westerners have been hearing of...

Ukraine’s Quest for Prosperity: Its separation from Russia

Discussing Ukraine's current position and its will to develop and become a major political and economic power in central Europe is an immense and...

‘Red Passport’ for The Factory residents

Segovia’s largest student residence works tightly with IE University administration and health officials. Spring break just ended last week and IE’s medical team has...

¡Qué soLASSO en Ecuador!

El 7 de febrero de 2021 por la noche, la Presidente del Consejo Nacional Electoral, Diana Atamaint, anunció un empate técnico por el segundo...

La segunda ola del COVID-19 azota fuertemente a América Latina.

América Latina y el Caribe han superado en total los 25 millones de infecciones por covid-19 en medio de un avance sin precedentes de...

Spring in Segovia: What to Wear

Welcome back to Spring in Segovia, everyone! I don’t know about you, but Spring it’s by far my favourite season to dress up for! I...

Mexico’s Weed Legislation: Not All It’s Hyped Up to Be

Mexico’s projected legalization of cannabis, purportedly supported by both the president and the senate, surfaces in a country where a third of the population...

Samsung: Too big to fail?

The South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung has been growing influence over our daily lives and by consequence its home country’s government.  Samsung is part...