OPEC+ fires its last cartridges

Ultimately, OPEC is firing its last bullets before oil takes its downward spiral. Yet, they will be expensive bullets and not without consequences.

Artificial Intelligence, First Numbers in the World of Work

At present, the study recalls, softwares based on generative artificial intelligence are capable of performing translation, classification, text, and computer code creation operations at excellent levels.

Silicon Valley Bank: What Could Happen?

Market traders must have rolled their eyes the night of the 9th of March as they noticed a stock tumble, losing 60% in hours and dragging the benchmark US banking sector index down by eight percentage points. What had happened?

The future performance of world currencies based on a burger

Can a burger tell us something about the future performance of the main world currencies? If the burger in question is a sort of...

Monetary Authorities VS Financial Markets

The next few months will be very delicate for the central institutions. After having exaggerated with the term temporariness, the markets - and investors - would not be tender in the face of a new misjudgment.

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