The Rwandan Genocide 30 Years Later: What has Changed?

In memory of the Rwandan genocide, the Stork ruminates on the tragedy that befell the country and checks in on its recovery.

How Will the Super Tuesday Primary Elections Affect the US Presidential Race?

The Stork reflects on Super Tuesday results during the presidential primaries in the US and what they mean for the candidates.

Mike Johnson’s Troubles Resurface in Republican Legislative Failures

The Stork reviews the many problems the new US Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, has faced since his controversial election to the position and analyzes his struggle to maintain Republican unity.

Daniel Noboa Struggles with Gang Violence and Prison Reform

Ecuador's newly elected president, Daniel Noboa, has been welcomed in to office by a new bout of gang violence. He has met this threat with a challenge, proclaiming a war on the gangs responsible.

A Vote for Democracy in West Africa: Liberia’s General Elections

After many years of civil war, corruption, and unrest in Liberia, many were sceptical that the recent presidential elections would end without a power-grab by the former president. To their surprise, the transition was peaceful, casting a vote for the democratic regime that the country has strived for over the years. The Stork recounts the elections and Liberia's struggle for democracy.

Maximilian Hankins

As a second-year student of International Relations, Max strives to write about relevant global issues to the IE Community and helps educate others on important current news and events. Aiming to provide insightful coverage of significant issues and use his experience living around the world to pinpoint the content most significant for students.
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