Winter in Segovia: Self Care Challenge Review


Welcome back to Winter in Segovia everyone!

Our second challenge is over today! And I have to admit that it was way easier than the last one as I didn’t have to push myself to exercise everyday! 

I hope after this review you will be willing to try out this challenge for yourself if you haven’t before


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I don’t know about you, but for me there’s nothing better than a girls night. To celebrate the end of the week, and the package of bolognese sauce that my parents just sent me, I invited a few girlfriends to dinner, always keeping in mind the six people limit, and we enjoyed a real Italian pasta together with some good red wine. Afterwards, we put loud music on (sorry neighbours!!) and started dancing. In the blink of an eye it was 5 a.m. and we were watching a teen drama while eating popcorn (yes, I honestly have no idea how we got there). 

I would have loved to try a new restaurant, but unfortunately the region of Castilla Y Leon wasn’t of the same idea. Also, it would be very difficult to find a restaurant that we all haven’t tried in Segovia, but I did call my parents.

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Lately, I’ve been loving going towards the Alcazar and exercising in the field, which has an amazing view. I always go around sunset to enjoy the beautiful colours of the sky when the sun goes down and the colour of the alcazar at sunset. Also, it is one of the only places in segovia where you can have some time for yourself outdoors without running into someone you know. I’ve also started doing yoga, I’m still a beginner (even worse, if possible) but it makes me feel really relaxed afterwards. After working out and doing a bit of yoga I like walking slowly home, on one hand  because the way it’s up-hill, and on the other because I usually stop to take pictures on my way!

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I really liked the activities for Sunday, especially because it puts together the things I love the most: ice cream, wine and baking. Baking is for the nicest way to procrastinate studying, therefore, the day before an exam you’ll probably see me cranking out some cakes, biscuits or pasta sauces, just to avoid working.

At sunset I had an aperitivo on my balcony with two friends, enjoying our glass (ehm bottle actually) of wine with tortilla, humus and nachos. These aperitivos have become my everyday life after plaza closed. It is just amazing to chill on the balcony, sipping wine, looking at the sunset while being rolled up in a cozy blanket.

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I have to admit: water with lemon is not really my thing. I have tried to drink it for a while in the morning in the past, as it promises amazing results on your body and health. Although, I never made it. It has the power to automatically turn my mood bad. Honestly, who would enjoy drinking lemon and water as first thing in the morning? So I found a compromise and swapt my average four coffees a day into a morning tea (appreciate the effort, please). Although, I planned my all week on my paper agenda, and on the posits on the screen of my computer. 

Also, I planned everything that I’ll cook for the week and made couscous, so that I can quickly add up different ingredients depending on what I feel like eating and have a meal ready in a couple of minutes. I also prepared a new pasta sauce I’ve lately been obsessed with and froze it, just in case I get tired of the couscous and want to treat myself. (it is made out of ricotta, pistachios, basil and parmesan in case you were wondering)

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Tuesday wasn’t as tech detox as I wished to. Unfortunately, with finals coming up and so many project deadlines, I couldn’t tell all my groups “hey look, today I’m not gonna do anything because I have to tech detox”, I guess they would have killed me. So, as I couldn’t detox from my computer, and neither from WhatsApp, I did one day without social media (I avoided Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube). I took some time to write the most important events that happened lately in my journal, as I have one but I usually end up writing only when I’m travelling or something really important that I might want to reread in the future. It was very nice to take some time to reflect on the latest events: it helped me not feel overwhelmed and be more rational (which I honestly barely ever).

I would love being able to paint or draw, but unfortunately I am really bad at it! So after a few horrible attempts, and being bullied by my artistic roommates, I gave upI finished my day reading a spanish book in bed, as I am trying to practice my spanish when I have free time. 

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Listening to music is not unusual for me: every time that I’m at home or in my room alone I’ll just put music on, as I don’t really like silence. I live my life with the background of Italian music mostly and sing to it.

I’m not a huge fan of baths, and I’m honestly too scared of setting my house on fire when lighting up candles, so I had a warm shower using my special argan oil hair conditioner. Then I put on a depurating face mask and started watching a movie with my roommates, of course with popcorn, which is a guarantee in our house. I ended my day falling asleep in the middle of the movie, as always.


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The last day of this challenge wasn’t very different from my average Thursday after the loss of Irish and Plaza. I went for a long walk with two friends and did a bit of yoga. When I came back I made myself a green tea (I don’t really like milk lattes). At the end of the day I was chilling and reading in bed, and I went to bed really early like a grandma 🙂

And this is it! I highly suggest you to take a week for yourself as I did thanks to this challenge, as it really helped me relax and get mentally ready for these hard weeks coming up. 

Stay tuned on @ieustork and let us know if you want us to try something out more challenges!

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