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This Monday, a new edition of the IE Nights was hosted on La Casa de la Moneda. The workshop Experimenting Every day with Andrea Caruso aimed to demonstrate the significance of connecting creativity with business and exemplify how to do so. The IE professor Andrea Caruso, the protagonist of Monday night, shared his own experience as an example to illustrate how creative entrepreneurs mix their artistic passions in their business idea.

Andrea is a professor at IE School of Architecture and Design. He is also the co-founder of the studio Cizak Dalmas. In 2009, he and Alberto Gobbino Ciszak founded the studio based in Madrid that serves international clients in the fields of product, installation, interior design, and creative direction. At the same time, they also founded the furniture and object firm La Clina Design. null

In the last years, he has had the opportunity to work and collaborate with different realities such as Zara, Max&Co, Saffron, Loewe, Muroexe, Bosa, Bitossi, Camper, among many others. In the workshop, he shared his experience of the work he had done with some of the realities mentioned before. By doing so he truly demonstrated that business and creativity do go hand in hand and that this can be very fruitful.

In the workshop, Andrea explained that he enjoyed exploring different areas and learning new things because although, it can be challenging it also very enriching. He recounted that one he had to do a job for the footwear and backpack company Muroexe Industries, and that was very difficult for him as he had no experience whatsoever in making shoes. The company was looking just for that, they were hoping to hire someone that had no experience in shoemaking so that they could be able to produce something fresh and new. 

 Andrea admitted that it was not easy for him and that he had to do a lot of work to produce a good result, but he really enjoyed it and felt that he learned a lot. He explained that “trial and error is not something you just do in the university; you do it every day of your life”. Whenever things did not come out the way he liked it or when he was not satisfied with a certain result, he kept on trying and perfecting everything he did. That is why ‘experimenting every day’ is so important for him. Every day is a new opportunity to learn and every challenge is enriching. 

CISZAK DALMAS - Design Studio | Estilo

Additionally, it could also be seen, the great value and esteem that Andrea holds for teamwork. In his talk, he emphasized the benefits of working with people that have different approaches and backgrounds. It allows new and different ideas to appear for the distinct challenges they have to face which in turn, helps them a lot to boost creativity. 

Finally, he also stressed the importance of remembering that the “final result, is always important than the journey” and so it is essential to actually value the journey. Not everything will always turn out well and we will continue to make mistakes throughout our whole life. It is important and to be able to appreciate the journey and learn from our mistakes. Taking the example of Andrea Caruso as a reference, the best thing we could do is keep trying and keep experimenting every day.

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