Winter in Segovia: Fitness Challenge Finale


Dear lifestyle readers,

We reached the end of our fitness challenge! I hope you all enjoyed it and you feel fitter and stronger now.

This was my first fitness challenge after nearly three months in which my most intensive workout was hiking my way up from uni to Plaza and starting again was hard, I have to admit it.

In these two weeks I realised how important physical activity is and how much it affects my mood, productivity, sleeping schedule and feelings! It is incredible!

Especially, as before I used to run regularly, and therefore I was trained to run longer distances or uphill without much effort; when I ran again for the first time I was really shocked about how low my resistance had become.

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Before every workout of the challenge I  did a quick run to warm up and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds Segovia. I know there are many running paths here, but I actually prefer roaming around randomly and exploring new streets or paths that this wonderful city has to offer. Though I have to admit I sometimes get lost and have to use google maps to find my way back, I swear I found the most amazing spots in this year and a half I’ve been doing it!

Regarding the Chloe Thing challenge itself, I particularly enjoyed that it was short, as this period was particularly busy for me due to school work and midterms. One trick I found out halfway through the challenge is that I would swap the 30 minutes workout with the longer one on the day after, doing the longest workouts when I had more free time and the shortest on the busy days. 

I found it really helpful how Chloe was talking and motivating me during the workouts, pushing me to keep on going but not overdoing it. Another aspect I particularly liked was how the creator inserted a low-impact version of most of the exercises, which can be very useful in order for people not to get hurt doing any part of the workout.

Apart from regaining a bit of my resistance and strength, this challenge really helped me to re-enter the frame of mind of exercising and gave me motivation to restart training to learn how to do the split and start a bit of yoga. Moreover, it helped me cope mentally with the new Covid restrictions and helped me to take some time to dedicate myself everyday and to escape reality.

The best part about doing this challenge is that I was not alone as I did the whole challenge with my fitness buddy! Flavia and I would motivate each other to not give up, laugh during our little breaks and reward each other with frozen cookies. Also knowing that all of you readers were also participating (hopefully!) motivated us to keep pushing!

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After these two weeks I feel much better, both physically and mentally, therefore I highly suggest you to try out one of these challenges, if you haven’t done it yet with us 😉 In fact, there are many bloggers or influencers that upload specific workouts to improve a specific part of your body, or simply to stay fit, completely for free.

Thank you all for following along on our fitness journey! If you have any challenges you want us to try message us on instagram @ieustork 🙂

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