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Located in Madrid and Segovia, Fitclub Collective, or FCC, is a wellness and fitness center that focuses on four pillars to achieve the ultimate success for its members: Fitness, Nutrition, Community, and Lifestyle. Today, we will discuss this with IE alumni Camila Monguzzi, the CEO and founder of Fitclub Collective, an instructor, and Maria Laura Merino, a facility coordinator.

Founded five years ago, in 2019, Fitclub Collective has proven to be something other than your typical wellness center or gym. It’s a community bound by shared values and goals, where the journey to better yourself isn’t just physical and mental. 

Fitclub Collective
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What differentiates us from other fitness studios is the commitment to creating an environment that uplifts both body and mind. We celebrate victories together, understanding that true wellness is a holistic experience. Fitclub is your haven for comprehensive growth,” shares Camila, who discusses what differentiates Fitclub Collective from other fitness studios. 

And it does not stop there. Their classes, events, and products are carefully curated, blending their four pillars of fitness, nutrition, community, and lifestyle. From yoga sessions that stretch more than just muscles to nutrition workshops that intend to show how to fuel both body and soul, FCC is more than just a gym; it’s a collective journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 

At Fitclub Collective, wellness has a different meaning and approach from the traditional ideas we typically have about fitness. According to Camila and Maria Laura, they redefine the term wellness as a holistic and personalized approach that goes beyond conventional fitness boundaries.  

Imagery courtesy of Fitclub Collective

“Wellness encompasses physical health but also mental and emotional vitality, community connection, and a lifestyle that promotes overall balance and happiness,” Camila shares. “The Fitclub Collective is a well-rounded community that shifts old mindsets behind when it comes to wellness and fitness.”

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Imagery courtesy of Fitclub Collective

Can you tell me more about Fitclub Collective’s four pillars—Fitness, Nutrition, Community, and Lifestyle? How do these pillars work together to create a holistic approach to wellness?

Our four pillars – fitness, nutrition, community, and lifestyle- are extremely important.

Fitness: Fitclub Collective offers diverse fitness classes that cater to various preferences and fitness levels. From high-intensity workouts to mindful practices like yoga, we provide a holistic spectrum of exercise. Our fitness programs are structured to ensure continuous progression, adapting to individual goals and milestones whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast.

Nutrition: Fitclub Collective believes that a healthy lifestyle starts with understanding nutrition; we share tips and events with our community that help them be mindful of their food and focus on what is best for them.

Community: Fitclub Collective is a supportive community where members share common values and goals. Beyond workout sessions, creating a network of encouragement and motivation is essential; we organize networking events for our community to build stronger connections. Keeping our space open for new proposals and ideas has also aligned our community growth.

Lifestyle: Fitclub Collective acknowledges that wellness extends beyond gym exercise. We integrate lifestyle elements into our approach to the community, promoting habits that contribute to overall well-being. We also offer carefully selected products that enhance and complement the Fitclub Collective experience.

Fitclub Collective empowers individuals to lead healthier, happier lives in a supportive and inclusive environment!

“The staff and trainers are super sweet, made to feel welcome and invited, there’s a wide range of classes, their app is good for booking classes, also since I joined, they introduced new classes like Boxing/Pilates, and they have classes all day which helps me book it for before/after my Uni schedule,” shares one IE student about her experience since joining Fitclub Collective.  

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Imagery courtesy of Fitclub Collective

What is the philosophy behind Fitclub Collective?

Our unique method makes our experience special, as in every workout, we train the body, mind, and soul connection. The philosophy behind Fitclub Collective is to satisfy the need for the fitness experience in Madrid. The fitness and wellness sector is one of the fastest growing in the world, and we look forward to continuing to cultivate a healthy lifestyle in our community.

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What are some of the most popular classes or services offered by Fitclub Collective?

Our star class is BBE (Best Booty Every), which is focused 100% on your booty to sculpt them! Long & Lean is our class that connects Barre, Pilates, and functional to sculpt your body. Tight & Toned is a full-body workout that combines booty workouts, Pilates, and barre to strengthen your muscles and improve your flexibility and balance.

What are the membership fees associated with Fitclub Collective?

Fitclub Collective offers a variety of membership options to cater to its members’ diverse needs and preferences. Each membership has unique features and benefits, providing flexibility and choices to individuals seeking a tailored fitness experience.

FCC memberships ensure that individuals can find a plan that aligns with their fitness goals, lifestyle, and preferred commitment duration. Whether seeking unlimited access, specific class experiences, or daytime flexibility, there’s a membership designed to suit every fitness enthusiast’s needs. For more information on their types of memberships, visit Fitclub Collective.

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Imagery courtesy of Fitclub Collective

In addition, once upon a time, only in Madrid, Fitclub Collective has now branched out to where half of our IE community is located: Segovia! This happened just last month, on February 13th. There, too, they have a variety of unique classes with the same format as the ones in their center in Madrid. Their opening was in Casanova, a new nightclub in Segovia, where they held a class for 40 girls who are also ambassadors.

For more information, visit Fitclub Collective’s website, and discover its facilities and locations at Calle Columela, 4, 28001, Madrid, and Pl. San Esteban, 13, 40003 Segovia, España

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