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The current state of the weather in Segovia has been a huge disappointment for many of us; the unbearable wind, the showers that continuously make us too lazy to step out of our house. The sun, teasing us, only shows up for an hour to be completely gone, covered by the grey clouds. Particularly in these times, and since entertainment becomes a mostly online thing. If you, like me, are bored of mindless scrolling on Instagram or TikTok, I’d like to suggest a different obsession: streaming TV shows. In this list, you’ll find shows to watch based on your likes in a variety of platforms, to have yourself a binge-fest.

Maniac (Netflix)

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For those hoping for a sci-fi, dark comedy, Maniac takes the crown. The miniseries starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill is a mind-twisting, brilliantly written psychological drama, in which a science experience in regards to a computer reading people’s trauma brings the two main characters together. It is a totally binge-worthy show,  you can certainly binge in one night and left completely in awe of the screenwriting, with its sarcastic comedy.

This Is Us (Amazon Prime)

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The show follows the life of an extended family, and the individual problems they face. It is the perfect series for crying, laughing, and feeling part of the family’s journey. It is a six-season-long series that is approximately 40 minutes each episode. If you have been hoping for a show that feels real, it is the perfect one for you.

How I Met Your Father (Hulu)

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No, you didn’t read the title wrong. This show is a reboot of the original, legendary show we all know and love. This time, rather than following Ted’s endless pursuit of love, we follow Sophie, played by Hillary Duff. If you are missing old sitcoms with a lot of comedy, but are also bored of watching HIMYM for the millionth time, you’ve found a new show to binge watch.

Community (Hulu & Netflix)

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This show focuses on a group of friends, all of which are from different ages and backgrounds and find themselves in an American community college. Originally a comedy, the show explores genres like sci-fi by exploring multiple timelines. If you want a light-hearted show that you don’t necessarily have to invest in, this is the perfect one for you.

Gilmore Girls (Netflix)

las chicas gilmore

This is a personal one, by far my favorite show. The comedic moments, the drama, the complicated but still wonderful family connections… If you still have not watched it, this is your sign to delve into the Gilmore Girls universe. It follows the life of a mother-daughter duo starring Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham. Their story is a heartfelt and complicated one, totally recommendable to binge on a rainy night.

The Office (Netflix)

the office 1

What makes The Office perfect is its niche humor, the off-beat comedic relief, and of course being part of a community with great taste in TV. The Office needs no introduction: it is known by everyone and that is for a reason. When I first watched the pilot years ago, I decided it wasn’t to my taste; later on, I realized that I just needed to wait a couple of episodes to be hooked into this office mockumentary with wacky and relatable characters.

Hollywood (Netflix)


If you are looking for a period piece that isn’t necessarily drama, Hollywood is a really good option. It showcases a group of talented actors and screenwriters trying to make it in the Golden Age of Hollywood through some extraordinary means. Hollywood, starring David Corenswet, Jeremy Pope and many more, is an excellent, funny, and dramatic approach to the Golden Age of American film.

As you are stuck at home, I hope these suggestions will come to your rescue and you can at least find one show that resonates with you. Since the midterm season has already ended for most of us, take the chance to see the current stage of the weather as an excuse to have some alone, relaxed time that will make you recharge and get ready for when the sun comes back shining.

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