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Discovering the Apple Vision Pro

The high-tech giant Apple began this year by producing a mixed-reality headset known as Apple Vision Pro. Apple Vision Pro went on sale on...

Revolutionizing the Legal Landscape: The Potential Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Law

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Stephanie Villamor Artificial intelligence (AI) is the burning question in many daily conservations today....

The Holy Grail of [Nuclear] Green Energy: Fusion

At the end of 2023, the Joint European Torus, an experimental facility for fusion nuclear energy generation, achieved a major milestone in fusion generation. The Stork breaks down what this could mean for the future of energy production.

Albania Uses ChatGPT to Speed up EU Ascension Process 

On December 13, at the European Union Summit, news was delivered by Edi Rama regarding Albania's latest bid to speed up the country´s process...

Should We Really Be Switching to Digital School Libraries?

In conclusion, both digital and physical libraries are valuable. I definitely welcome the use and promotion of online collections of books and have often relied on them for both personal and professional reading.

Is Bitcoin Actually Money?

While some businesses are starting to accept Bitcoin, most don’t. Estimates show that worldwide just over 15,000 businesses do. For context, there are more than 75,000 businesses in the Spanish restaurant and take-out sector.

Daily Game Routines For Brain Exercise

Though it might sound a little childish to play games every day, having them as part of my daily routine puts my mind at ease. These mini-games, help exercise your brain by learning and expanding your vocabulary and geographical knowledge

Are measures against using Artificial Intelligence at IE University driving Innovation?

Are the measures IE has taken since the launch of Generative AI a trend in the professor’s teaching and evaluation methods to prevent students from using AI in written assignments?

El auge de las “IAs” en la actualidad

Los programas de IA pueden ser el inicio de una decadencia intelectual, pero nos facilitan muchas de las tareas a las que enfrentamos a diario.

Social Media: An empowering tool for attention-craving narcissists.

Narcissism is on the rise and digital media has become a powerful tool to empower an attention-fame-craving society.


Sinopsis: ‘Arts & Humanities Week’

Durante la pasada semana, del 8 al 13 de abril, se celebraron varios eventos centrados en las artes y humanidades en la ‘Arts & Humanities Week’.

Switzerland Deemed “Guilty” in Historic Climate Change Verdict

European Court of Human Rights recently ruled in favour of a climate activist group, "Klima Seniorinnen Schweiz," declaring Switzerland guilty of failing to act against climate change. A ground-breaking case, the Stork examines it and its effects on justice.

How Can a Region Legally Claim Independence?

Catalonia's desire to claim its independence has been the recent talk of the town, yet no one seems to be discussing how exactly the region can achieve that. When a region claims independence, there are two things to consider: how it claims independence and how it can legalize its claim.