Tips and Tricks for an Affordable Weekend Trip 


As students of an international university, we are not strangers to travel. Suitcases, backpacks, duffle bags, trains, planes, buses, and cars. The world is at our fingertips, but who is going to tell our wallets? The cost of transportation, places to stay and food add up quicker than absences,below I will present to you a list with  tips and tricks to keep things budget friendly and keep you traveling.

Tip 1 – Plan Ahead

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Booking things at the last minute is a given as a university student, however, giving yourself at least three weeks between booking and planning cuts costs significantly on transportation and allows you to spend your budget on other factors. But what happens when a class randomly gets canceled and you want to get up and go? Create a wishlist on Airbnb or hostel world to have places preselected and ready to book for those last minute adventures. 

Tip 2 – Transportation

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Skyscanner is a great tool for finding cheap deals on flights and allows you to see which days are cheapest to fly on. Cross referencing the recommended airlines on Skyscanner will also insure you get the best deal for you. Prefer the scenic route? Europe is beautifully connected by trains and is sometimes a cheaper alternative to flying. Websites such as Renfe, Omio and Train Line are great for finding tickets at the best price. And of course the interrail for longer travels. For the cheapest option buses are always an option although they may take longer they are the most budget friendly, you can find bus deals on Omio and Avanzabus!

Tip 3 – Pack Light

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Ditch the suitcases and duffle bags and opt for a backpack. Investing in a solid travel backpack will save you hundreds of dollars in the future and insure a smoother trip all around. Skip the hassle of checking in a bag, finding a place to store your suitcase on a train, and the inevitable walk of shame when lugging a ginormous suitcase through narrow streets and throngs on people. Packing cubes go hand in hand with backpacking and allow you to pack a more than reasonable amount. Always pack one less shirt than you think you need and one more pair of socks. 

Tip 4 – Destinations

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How far you are going is not alway synonymous with how much the ticket will cost. A train ticket to Barcelona can surpass a flight to London, depending on the day you book. A flight to London can surpass a flight to Germany depending on the time of year. How much you are spending to get there is largely impacted by how early you book , but here are some places that are relatively cheap once you get there. 

  • Canary Islands 
  • Budapest 
  • Prague 
  • Croatia
  • Greece

Tip 5 – Details

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Flight and place to stay booked, now what? The little things. Getting purposely lost somewhere new is a wonderful experience, however, having some things preplanned is always a good idea. Research about the area you are staying and select a handful of things that interest you. Then see how realistic these things are based on your budget and time. Always check how close public transport is to your accommodation and plan accordingly. Know what type of trip you are going on, a laid back beach weekend, an adventurous hiking voyage or a clubbing holiday? Then, make sure everyone is on the same page before you disembark and avoid the awkward silence in the airport on the way back. Bring a camera and a notepad to capture the memories made, and enjoy yourself! 

Traveling does not need to be tricky. Whether it be a laid back beach weekend, an adventurous hiking adventure, or a clubbing holiday.  Following these tips and tricks will ensure you smooth sailing on whatever adventure awaits you next. So pack your backpacks, get on Skyscanner and click book!

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