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Thirst Project was founded in LA California, with the purpose of getting students involved in the Water Crisis around the world. Schools and Universities around the world create clubs to raise funds for the cause. The project has several locations around the world where they employ local workers to build well to aid in the access to water.

The next event hosted by the Thirst Project Club is a 6K Virtual Run. The 6K Virtual run is a race for the entire IE community and can be run from anywhere in the world! The 6K represents the average distance that women and children travel everyday to fetch water in developing countries. 100% of the proceeds go directly towards Thirst Project, and their current COVID RELIEF EFFORTS.

Save the date: July 11 – 12. 

Register now ➡️  here.

Register for IE Friends, Family, and Business Partners ➡️  here. 

“Thirst Project goal is to abolish the global water crisis. The current wells installed by the Thirst organization all over Africa are working perfectly, we now want to continue this. Our 6K Virtual Run event is raising awareness of the impact COVID19 is having in the water crisis. ” – Cindia Escalante, Vice-President and Creative Director, IE Thirst Project Club.    


Find more about the Thirst Project Club below.

Interview with Teresa Sousa Rodrigues , President and Founder of IE Thirst Project Club.

 Who can join the Thirst Project Club?

Everyone and anyone who wishes to aid with the cause and is located in Madrid.

What is your club most proud of?

The teams commitment to the cause together with the creative minds that have put together several events.

Everyone who is part of our team has entrepreneurial spirit and seek to push our events and initiatives to reach their full potential. With everything that has been going on we had to make use of the new technologies for our events, the latest being the 6K run. The team is very diverse, culturally and in terms of motivations and beliefs. This allows us to have a very wide and inclusive perspective towards our organization and decisions. – Cindi Escalante.     

 What is the club looking forward to next year? 

The club has recently added new Master students who have brought a new perspective to the club together with motivation. The 6K event is coming up now in July 2020 where people all over the world may sign up for a fee and participate in jogging/running 6km, the same distance children would need to walk get clean  water.

How can people contact you, join, or participate?

They can use the Clubs Portal to sign up to our club. They can also contact us to our Instagram page. If they wish to donate to the cause , they can use this our donation page. 

Why does IE need a club like this one?

Because although IE has several sustainability clubs it does not have any directed solely at the water crisis. By having so the club will also help in making the campus have a reduced water consumption.


 What have you learned as coordinator of the club? 

Leadership. Everyone is from different backgrounds and have different motivations, therefore for a club to be successful you have to keep adapting to a leadership style that appeals to everyone. Also that not everyone is keen in aiding the cause, therefore it is key to make events that interest everyone and incentivize them in donating.


What has the club’s biggest achievement or event been so far?

Thirst project x Madrid was founded in November 2019 and due to the recent epidemic it has not has not had the opportunity to release most of the desired events. Nevertheless, the blue wall, Evan Wesley talk, brand fair and the beer pong night were successive events for spreading the clubs message.

Our previous events include :


  1. Evan Wesley talk : Evan Wesley was an important guest from the official Thirst Project organization based in Los Angeles, California. He spoke on behalf of his experience visiting affected countries, and highlighted the importance of caring beyond our boundaries. For the event we successfully collaborated with the Net Impact Club!
  2. The Blue Wall: Nobody in the IE Community knew who we were, but the Blue Wall was going to make a statement. We covered one of the IE building walls with white paper to allow students to leave their mark, metaphorically and literally, and join in our cause to help those in underdeveloped areas.
  3. Brand Fair Through the Brand Fair we wanted to give an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to showcase their projects to the IE Community, while partnering with us to raise awareness and funds for the Global Water Crisis. Approximately 10 student-led brands participated in the event. 


You can find them on here; Instagram, Donation Page, and Campus Groups. 

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