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The IE Coding Club Madrid develops a variety of initiatives including workshops, industry talks, company visits, seminars, hackathons and conferences among other events. Their main goal is to properly expose and prepare our community with the skill set necessary to face our digital environment.

“The 4th Industrial Revolution is flourishing before our eyes. Coronavirus has only catalysed this process. Accordingly, it is of paramount importance that students are fully equipped with the latest tech tools to thrive as entrepreneurs and financiers, among countless other endeavours.” – Daniel Aguilera, Vice-President Coding Club Madrid.

This year, the club co-organized TechIE one of IE’s biggest technological conferences. 

Find more about the IE Coding Club below.

Interview with Martin Nuñez, President of the Coding Club. 

Who can join the Coding Club?  

Anyone can join our club! We offer a variety of events for our whole community. There will be specific events focused on more advanced skill sets, yet this will be specified. It is also worth mentioning that there will be specific events for entry level students.

What is your club most proud of?

Most definitely our growing community! Through our active participation on a variety of initiatives including Techie for two years in a row we have pushed forward our mission to educate our community on the relevance of technology in our everyday life. 

What has the club’s biggest achievement or event been so far?

Techie, as active members of its board we have pushed an exponential growth of our audience. In fact, regardless of our pandemic situation, we managed to transform our conference into a digital format, obtaining great feedback from it.

What is the club looking forward to next year? 

We are so excited to have a new team conformed of knowledgeable students with the purpose of providing our community with well rounded learning experiences. Not only are we organizing bootcamps on data analytics and business intelligence, topic of great interest in our business community, but also on product development, exploring the convergence between technology, business and design. 

How can people contact you, join, or participate?

We have a number of channels where you can reach us! Check out our instagram account iecodingclub_ and our Linkedin account! You can also reach us through our campus groups account. Feel free to shoot us any doubt you have. 

Instagram: @iecodingclub_

LinkedIn: IE Coding Club

Campus Groups : IE Coding Club

Why does IE need a club like this one? 

Being a tech centered club not only do we represent a pillar in today’s tech driven society, but also we have the firm belief that not only companies and processes are going through a digital transformation, but also the necessary skill set for impactful professionals who are in a formative process in our community.

How do you think the club embodies the IE Values (Entrepreneurship, Tech & Innovation, Humanities, Diversity)?

We truly do pride ourselves on our constant effort to not only be a well rounded club, but also one of principles and values. Entrepreneurship, innovation, humanities and diversity are a given among us, but what truly is of admiration is the hard work our team puts in to launch forward valuable initiatives for our community.

What highlighted events did the club host this year?

I would like to highlight our efforts to produce solid courses throughout the year both in the areas of python through events such as: 

  • Python Workshop on Data Analytics
  • Data Science Bootcamp
  • Python Basics Pt. 1 & 2
  • Online Python Workshop: Working with Data from Numerical Perspectives
  • Neural Network and Finance 2 Day Workshop
  • Quantitative Analytics in the Current Capital Markets
  • Python Workshop Visualization Using Plotline Working with Data from a Graphical Perspective (Upcoming May 26th 18:00 -19:30)

As well as other events focused on web development skills in a 3 session course imparted by a professional representative of Iron Hack.

“Headed for my third year in the club I can not imagine summing up all my learning experiences in a single answer, but I can talk about the closest ones to my process. I learned hard work and dedication pay off, consistency with a clear and attainable goal is the equation of success. Also the complexity, yet the importance of good leadership. But above all, I have learned I still have yet much to learn.”


You can find them on here; Instagram, LinkedIn, and Campus Groups. 


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