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The IE Consulting Club is a community where anyone interested in pursuing a career in this exciting and challenging field can come together and work towards that same goal. Consulting Club has found it place in IE with their Cup o’Consulting, their weekly cracking the case and bootcamps, along with a new mentorship program!

Last Friday 3rd July, they were awarded “IE Blueprint Award” and “Best Professional Club” at IE Campus Life Virtual Club Awards 2020.

The IE Blueprint Award is presented to the club that has left their mark, their blueprint, at IE – ensuring their club´s continuity, by securing its lineage with coordinators, boards of advisors, future plans to keep growing, educating and benefiting the community. The prize for this award are tickets to the IE Virtual Alumni Weekend on November 7th provided by the Global Alumni Relations department and connect with the global IE community.

The next events hosted by the IE Consulting Club are their Thursday’s Consulting Bootcamps.

Register to them ➡️  here.  

Find more about the IE Consulting Club below.

Interview with Esteban Arimany , President of IE Consulting Club.

 Who can join the Consulting Club? Do you need experience in consulting ?

Anyone can join the club! If you are worried about not having experience in consulting, don’t! We have members with 5+ years of experience in the field, and others who heard about consulting the day before joining. We welcome all with open arms!

What does the club do?

What we do is provide our members a variety of events to help them achieve three things: [1] develop their consulting skills, [2] get to know the top consulting firms and widen their network, and [3] appeal to our sense of community to support each other and progress as consultants.

What has the club’s biggest achievement or event been so far?

As a club we are proud of many things. But the one achievement we had to put most time and effort was the IE Global Innovation Challenge. This event is IEs very first own case competition. In its inaugural year we had schools from around the world visit our campus for a two-day event in which students solved actual business problems for our partner company that year – SEPHORA.  This yearly case competition is dedicated to applying strategic thinking and disruptive skills to solve problems for businesses operating in today’s digital world.

What is the club looking forward to next year? 

For next year we plan on moving past simply solving cases and organizing company events. For next year we want to put in place initiatives that will help our members connect even further amongst themselves and become more involved in the club. Among the various initiatives we plan on implementing by September we have a mentorship program, an elite membership and organizing events with consulting clubs from other universities!

How can people contact you, join, or participate?

Anyone from IE – either student or alumni – can reach out to us throughout our email, Instagram, website, or LinkedIn! Once they are part of the club, they will be subscribed to our weekly newsletter that informs and allows them to register to our weekly events.

Email :

Why does IE need a club like this one?

IE needs a club like this one because consulting is an extremely sought-after practice by recently graduated students; It provides young people with the opportunity to learn skills that will impulse their career no matter the path they pursue.

How do you think the club embodies the IE Values (Entrepreneurship, Tech & Innovation, Humanities, Diversity)?

The club provides for a space for members to be creative, to bring in innovative ideas to continuously enhance the consulting learning experience. Students can take the lead in coordinating events, or even in hosting events to share their skills with others – whether in tech, design, or other fields. Moreover, the IE Consulting Club partners with other IE Clubs as well in the spirit of collaboration, to reflect the entirety of the IE ecosystem of diversity, entrepreneurship, humanities and social innovation.

How has the club changed over the years?

When the club was first created it was fairly inactive, and the few events they organized were mostly “crack the case” sessions. We have move past this and put in place other events such as Cup o’ Consulting, a weekly speaker series that allows our members to tune into informal conversations with practicing consultants from the top firms.

“One of the things I have learned from being a coordinator of the club is that putting in the hours to make things happen is worth every minute spent. Our members often show their appreciation and thank us for all the time and effort we put into the club.” – Esteban arimany, president of ie consulting club


You can find them on here; Instagram, LinkedIn, and Campus Groups. 

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