The Behavioral Science Week is Finally at IE University!


The Behavioral Science Week is finally here! You can catch all the different events happening this May, starting from May 12th and finishing on May 20th. Come support fellow IE students in the first time ever student-led Behavioral Science Week! All thanks to the hard work and dedication of the Behavioral Economics Club.

Meet behavioral science enthusiasts coming from all backgrounds and watch how they take on the opportunity to use this science and apply them to solve real-world problems in an exciting competition! Attendees will have the chance to participate in workshops and webinars, learn about incredible different topics, dive into new themes, and bring light to their knowledge to solve a case along with other students.

Why is the Behavioral Science Week Important? For starters, it’s a growing field, and every day more organizations are taking an interest. Despite this, there are not that many events where students have the chance to come together and use their knowledge to create something great or even solve real-world problems. The great thing about this event is that it hosts competitions that allow students to meet other students who hold similar interests to them while exposing themselves to the magnificent world of behavioral science. Additionally, the event will strive to raise awareness and grow interest in this particular field by granting an opportunity to learn about the topic and get involved in it by solving a real-life case!

Here is what you need to know about the Behavioral Science Week!

Who can attend? – Anyone interested
Who can participate in the competition? – Only students and recent graduates
Where will the events take place? – Online, over Zoom
Price? – Completely free

Events Taking Place!

May 12th: Behavioral Finance & Human-Centered Design Thinking
May 13th: Behavior & Policy around the world
May 14th: Behavioral Design and Influence
15th – 20th of May: Solving a case

Make sure to check out the event and stay tuned to find out all the great things the Behavioral Science Week has to offer!

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