Everyone who has ever been to Madrid has most likely gone out to a nice restaurant, for drinks, and went out dancing to one of Madrid’s most popular clubs. These are all very fun activities to do with your friends and are usually the plans that never fail. However, Madrid has so many different places to visit and enjoy, so why not try out some of the hidden gems in the city. In this article, we will be talking about different plans you can do in Madrid that you probably haven’t heard of. Take this opportunity to take advantage of the weekend by venturing out and trying something new! 

1. Roller Disco Madrid

The Rolling Dance and Burger can be found in the Chamartin station! Here you have the option to choose between the inline roller skates or the 2×2 roller skates. The regular entrance price is 15 euros for the rental of the skates and they usually open after 1pm. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to skate, you can always ask the people who work there for help and they will be more than happy to provide some tips. If you are feeling hungry after rollerblading, you can check out their food court, sit down and enjoy a well-deserved burger.

2. Big Jump Park

Have you ever been to a nightclub that is inside a bouncy park? Big Jump Park Madrid is one of the biggest ballparks in the whole world! On Friday night, they host an adult-only session which includes a DJ, fun colored led light decoration, and fun activities all around. Invite your friends to enjoy great music and jump around all sorts of inflatables, sink in a ball pit, slide down a surprisingly comfortable slide, climb walls, and run and jump around all sorts of obstacles.

3. The Magical Restaurant

Going to restaurants around Madrid is the go to plan because everywhere you turn, you find these amazing places you just have to try! Restaurante Quinto Elemento has amazing food, a very fancy bar, and a decorative roof so magical you won’t want to miss it. They have a digital type roof where they constantly change the atmosphere of the restaurant, it can range from large trees to a blue whale swimming over you. This is a great place to go on a date and definitely a great place to take your friends out! Sometimes the place will have mini-shows and a DJ playing great music.

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4. Escape Room 

For anyone who loves to be challenged, escape rooms are definitely the place to go. We strongly recommend going to Fox in a Box, in Chueca and Scavenger Escape in Tribunal. Explore the different possible scenarios of being a spy soldier in WW2, part of the Mafia in the 1920s, a secret agent who has to stop an evil surgeon from wiping mankind, travel back in time to ancient Egypt, and attempt to escape out of the rooms before the time is up! The different rooms and scenarios vary in terms of difficulty. You have your beginner level, intermediate level, and difficult level, all designed for you and your friends to have a great time. We do recommend that this be done with four people or more.

5. Interactive Museums

There are two main interactive museums in Madrid. The first one is called Sweet Space Museum: a fantasy place with different rooms to explore, all based on a candy theme. Check out all the amazing artwork decoration, take pictures with your friends, and walk into different scenarios. They even have rooms where you can eat ice cream and a fun slide to take you to the final room. The second interactive museum is called Ikonos. Much like Sweet Space Madrid, Ikonos has a variety of different rooms all filled with creative artwork using neon lights and imaginative places all around for you and your friends to explore.  

6. El Hachazo

Located in Narciso Serra, 15, El Hachazo is a place designed for people to throw axes at targets! This place invites you to spend an hour doing original and interactive activities, designed to destress yourself and let all of that built up frustration go after a long week. For 15 euros, you can spend the whole hour performing different axe throwing games and have a great time. Other than free throwing, this place offers a series of competing games that you can take part in with your friends.

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7. XpresArte

For all the inspiring artists among our readers, or whoever has always wanted to try painting but never found the occasion, XpresArte is a place located in the centre of Madrid that offers you the chance to spend your time creating art. For three hours, you will have a guide which will teach you how to make your own painting, all while you enjoy a glass of wine. No previous experience is required as this place has everything you need, including the materials you need such as paint brushes, canvases, and of course paint. This is a great plan to do with friends, partners, family, as a workshop event, or even just for yourself! 

We hope this list provided you with new places and activities you had never heard of and are excited to try! If you do find yourself going to any of the places make sure to take a fun video or picture and tag @TheStork on Instagram!  


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