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The AI That Will “Do No Harm”

Before a new physician can practice medicine, they take what is known as the Hippocratic Oath. Named after Hippocrates, the Ancient Greek Physician, the oath enumerates a number of ethics codes that are summarized as “first, do no harm.” Munjal Shah utilized this popular concept to name his new Healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool; Hippocratic AI. 

The Danger of A.I.: Geoffery Hinton Leaves Google

Geoffrey Hinton, a pioneer of A.I., has now told the New York Times that he left his decade-long employment at Google this month. Since this, he has joined the growing criticisms regarding the development of A.I. "I console myself with the normal excuse: If I hadn’t done it, somebody else would have," Dr. Hinton told the New York Times.

Opening of IE Arts and Humanities Week

On April 24, the IE Foundation celebrated its Opening of IE Arts and Humanities Week. The event revolves around the foundation’s focus on art, and the event is doing so through collaboration with artists from the Festival Urbano de Arte Digital de Madrid (MMMAD). The Foundation invited a panel of three different artists to come and talk.

United States Homeland Security Agency Abuses Personal Data

A number of allegations have been hitting the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) all relating to abuse of access to personal data. The allegations are of utmost concern to anyone living in the US considering how ICE currently has data on all U.S. residents, and this information is being used at the agency's discretion at any time.

Innovative Projects From Architecture Students

Architecture students have used AR technology to build a vault and bamboo pavilion.

Metaverse: Open for Business

What is the Metaverse? The issue of the metaverse has gathered significant attention in recent years. As people’s interest in virtual worlds increases, business opportunities...

Artificial Intelligence, First Numbers in the World of Work

At present, the study recalls, softwares based on generative artificial intelligence are capable of performing translation, classification, text, and computer code creation operations at excellent levels.

OpenAI’s new GPT-4

With the introduction of the updated version of GPT-4, the program now has the additional processing power to complete more intricate and specific tasks with higher accuracy.

Incels: Radicalization in the Age of the Internet

And to those who are in these groups: these communities, ideas, and philosophies, are not helping you grow and get out of this pit. I know it’s so hard, but reaching out for help, and improving yourself step by step does work.

Embracing the Unknown: AI’s Role in Education

By Luke Crisp Recently, there has been talk about the possibility of IE University adapting their exam rules. This possible adaptation during an academic term...


Art Unchained

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Iona Steger The concepts of "non-fungible tokens (NFTs)" and "blockchain" have been an ongoing...

AI Companies Sued for Breach of Copyright

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Klaudia Kupidura The latest developments in Generative AI have changed our habits, learning mechanisms,...

El fenómeno Swift: más allá de la música

Taylor Swift se ha consolidado no solo como una talentosa cantante y compositora, sino también como una fuerza económica y cultural.