Go Watch “The Society of The Snow”

The happy, aloof commercial contrasts perfectly with the chilling cries of the survivors, thereby emphasizing the pain that they were going through. The commercial even seems obnoxious, making you wonder how society can go on while allowing their horrific experience to continue.

Death to The Liked Message

It seems as though it would be better to avoid communication entirely, but these real, raw, difficult interactions allow us to grow. We cannot learn more about ourselves, cultivate wholesome relationships, and live fulfilled lives if we prioritize efficiency over humanity. And we definitely cannot do those things through a liked message.

The Case for Rewatching Classics

Rewatching movies will always be worth it because there is nothing better than watching something that you know you are going to enjoy. The real educational benefits that it has are just a bonus.

Are We Still Trying to Make America Great Again?

The situation is scary, and the only thing that American citizens can do to prevent it is to vote. Reluctantly, and for the lesser of two evils, they have to cast their ballots. As for the rest of us, we will have to sit back, watch, and hope that the situation that all of us remember from our childhoods does not repeat itself. This time around, there will be no jolly ranchers or playground conversations to envelope our ignorance. This time, we will live through it as adults.

Why Are Governments Obsessed With Controlling Women’s Clothing?

In one regime or another, women’s clothing is a pawn in the government’s desperate need for power. No matter the reason or excuse, governments attack women’s right to choose what they wear and to assert control over their people.

Irene Perez-Lucerga

A Dual Degree student in Business Administration and International Relations. Born in Barcelona, and also lived in Detroit and Bonn. Currently an Opinion writer for the Stork, and often covers Global Affairs and politics.
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