Why are the Spanish people protesting in the streets?

Since November 6, the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) headquarters located on Ferraz Street in Madrid has been home to countless protests. This is...

Dutch Royalty Apologizes for Role in Slavery 

A recent report published in June 2023 by the Government of the Netherlands revealed that the Dutch had made 545 million euros between 1675 and 1770 due to their influence in the colonies and role in slavery, these included islands in the Caribbean, South America, and South Africa.

MENA Climate Week, a week into a sustainable future

On the 8 of October, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia opened its doors to scholars, students, professors, and diplomats coming from all over the world to attend the second-ever Middle East and North Africa Climate Week.

Discover the IE Center for Social Innovation and Sustainability 

The IE Center for Social Innovation and Sustainability is a dynamic hub dedicated to advancing IE University's core values.

 Alumni Spotlight: Nuha Safar, A Life-Transforming Degree at IE

As part of a series of interviews with IE alumni, The Stork had the privilege of sitting down with Nuha Safar. Nuha currently serves as the Director of National Corporate Social Responsibility for the United Arab Emirates.

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