Heads or Tails: The Two-Sided Perspective of Soft Power

While Soft Power is a necessary and pivotal form of Power, especially in contemporary international relations, the lack of versatility, dominance, and results limits Soft Power to be an reliant chess tactic in the international political playing field.

Nixon, Fear, & Failure

As we can see, despite his successful academic and political career, Nixon's trauma of failure continued to grow, culminating in his defeat in the 1960 presidential debate against the charismatic and young John F. Kennedy.

Incels: Radicalization in the Age of the Internet

And to those who are in these groups: these communities, ideas, and philosophies, are not helping you grow and get out of this pit. I know it’s so hard, but reaching out for help, and improving yourself step by step does work.

Controversial Salvadoran Solution to Gang Violence

Evidently, something must be done to stop the endless rotation of brutality. Gang violence needs to be addressed and the livelihood of the country must be ensured. Nevertheless, these barbaric policies are not the answer. The populist measures are only inhumane and vengeful.

Is Trump the 2024 Republican Favorite?

Trump cannot be underestimated. Nevertheless, DeSantis has yet to announce his candidacy officially and the chess board already shows a leveraged position for his gambit towards the nation’s highest office. Governor DeSantis has a better chance than his formidable rival, deserving more than a paltry 1% difference.

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