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The high-tech giant Apple began this year by producing a mixed-reality headset known as Apple Vision Pro. Apple Vision Pro went on sale on 2 February and it’s worth 3499 dollars. Could the future of technology be already here?

What exactly is Apple Vision Pro? 

Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer that allows users to transform digital content and apps into physical space. What makes the device different from other products is the navigation system, it can be controlled using eyes, hands, and voice. The device is worn on the face and the content is delivered to the viewers’ eyes through two small displays.  

It is essential to highlight that the spatial computer allows users to display the digital content in any desirable space without limitations in sizing. There is no need for a desk or an extra device for watching the content it produces. 

In an announcement about launching the first versions of Apple Vision Pro, the company asked their clients to not refer to the product with the terms virtual reality, extended reality, or mixed reality. The guidelines included recommendations on referring to the product as a “spatial computer”. Furthermore,  spatial computing is a technology that enables computers to blend in with the physical world in a natural way. 

What is new about Apple Vision Pro?

Another reason that makes Apple Vision Pro unique is its capabilities. Apple Vision Pro is not just a computer, it’s a flexible device that can be used as a smartphone to chat with people and as a TV to watch movies. According to the reviews, the device is easily worn on the face, which makes it very comfortable for the users.  

Nilay Patel, who wrote in his review for The Verge noted that he had no issues chatting with people. This means that all the apps from smartphones can be transformed into physical spaces through the device. 

Apple Vision Pro also has a movie theatre option, which allows users to watch movies in a 3D format. 

Apple is again the leading tech giant following the production of the Apple Vision Pro. The company has been producing revolutionary devices for the past decades. Starting with various versions of iPhones, then Macs, and now the futuristic Apple Vision Pro, which marks the beginning of a new type of technologically advanced device.  

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Ali Qurbonmamadov
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