Unpacking the Recent American Border Standoff

Tensions around the US-Mexico border rise as Texas takes it into its own hands to address the controversial issue. The Stork breaks down the stand-off that ensued between the Presidency and the Governorship of Texas following recent heated events at the border.

Dark Clouds Over Davos? The World Economic Forum Convenes Once Again

The Stork breaks down the events and controversies around the World Economic Forum.

Henry Kissinger, Diplomatic Behemoth with a Controversial Legacy, Dies at 100

Henry Kissinger was a prominent figure in U.S. politics. His career spanned the terms of 12 U.S. presidents, in which time Kissinger operated as consultant, National Security Advisor, Secretary of State, and, briefly, as the head of the National Commission of Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Following Kissinger's death on 29 November 2023, the Stork breaks down his significant influence over U.S. foreign affairs.

Another Turbulent Week in British Politics: Cabinet Reshuffle, Rwanda Scheme Blocked, and Labour Rebellion

The beginning of November was a tumultuous period in the United Kingdom as protesters clashed and the government fell into disarray. The Stork recounts these important events and their significance in British politics.

UK Covid-19 Inquiry Heaps Pressure on Conservative Government

The UK's official COVID-19 inquiry task force attracts the public's attention as new information of the government's blunders are exposed.

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