European Union Elections Draw Closer

With the EU parliamentary elections drawing closer, the Stork reminds all EU citizens at IEU to vote. It breaks down how the elections may impact the Union's future.

Flare-Ups in Pro-Palestinian Protests Across U.S College Campuses

As the war in Gaza continues, Pro-Palestinian protests have emerged across university campuses in the U.S., long known as hotbeds for political and social movements. The Stork breaks down the form the protests are taking and the political reactions to them.

Britain Limits Prescriptions of Puberty Blockers to Minors

The recently published 'Cass Review' in the UK has led the country's National Health Services to issue the decision that puberty-suppressing hormones will no longer be prescribed to minors. This decision has been met with mixed reactions and questions asking how the UK's stance on transgender care will affect the rest of the world.

Critics Sound Alarm on New Hong Kong Security Law, “Article 23”

In March 2024, the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region pasted the 'Safeguarding National Security Bill," also known as "Article 23." The new law is believed by many to endanger human rights, triggering protests in Hong Kong. The Stork breaks down the law and the reactions it has received thus far.

The Legal & Political Aspects of the Israel-Hamas Conflict

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues in Gaza, putting civilian lives at grave risk, the UN Security Council and its permanent members have continuously failed to pass legal solutions to temper and dissolve the situation. The Stork breaks down recent developments in two of these members, the United States and the United Kingdom, that will impact the conflict in the near future.

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