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U.S Politicians: Defending the Christian From Progress with the 1st Amendment.

Freedom of religion, as the founding fathers intended, constituted the ability of different religions to worship and practice in peace, without discrimination. However, recent social attitudes of American Christians beg to differ.

Junts Party Gains Political Leverage in Spanish General Elections

In the aftermath of the elections on July 23, Junts and its leader garnered notable political leverage. However, whether this newfound momentum endures remains unclear. 

Turkish Presidential Elections: A second round will be necessary

On May 14, Turkish citizens participated in the presidential and legislative elections, which have captured widespread attention. Since neither candidate reached the necessary threshold of 50% of the vote, it has been determined that a second round of voting will be required.

Are You Eligible to Vote in the Upcoming Spanish Elections?

This article is written in conjunction with the IE Law Society. By Mario Sans Majuelo Every year young adults from all corners of the globe choose...

Humza Yousaf: Scotland’s First Minister

Humza Yousaf is the first Muslim head of government of a Western European nation. The 37-year-old Yousaf was sworn in on Wednesday, March 29.

Vo Van Thuong Elected as New Vietnamese President

On March 2, Vietnam underwent a significant leadership change, as Vo Van Thuong was appointed as the new president by the National Assembly. Thuong took over the presidency following the resignation of his predecessor Nguyen Xuan Phuc in January.

Fraud, Flawed, or Failed: The IE Student Democracy Scandals Unveiled | Op-Ed

Dozens of counts of electoral manipulation unaddressed over the years. An 80% reduction in the Student Government budgets. 10% of Class Representative positions have been left vacant...If that doesn’t scream carelessness and apathy towards our student governance, what does?

The Rise and Fall of an Underdog: Nigeria’s Complicated Elections

On Saturday, February 26, Nigerians took to the polls to elect their new leader, in what Al Jazeera called the beginning of a “democratic renaissance.” The West-African country has been cursed with political corruption and economic turmoil since the fall of its military regime in 1999. This year, however, a presidential candidate from an underdog party had emerged, and young voters were hopeful about the election’s result.

Is Trump the 2024 Republican Favorite?

Trump cannot be underestimated. Nevertheless, DeSantis has yet to announce his candidacy officially and the chess board already shows a leveraged position for his gambit towards the nation’s highest office. Governor DeSantis has a better chance than his formidable rival, deserving more than a paltry 1% difference.

What an uncharacteristic election shows about the US

During this year’s November midterm elections, all 435 seats in the US House of Representatives and 35 seats in the Senate were re-elected. Voting...


IE Ukraine Club: Strengthening the IE Community

The IE Ukraine Club is a thriving community within IE University, driven by a shared passion for Ukrainian culture, history, and technology. Our mission is to create an inclusive space where both Ukrainian and international students can come together to explore, appreciate, and celebrate Ukraine through various engaging activities and events.

Should America sell its air to keep the world speaking English?

Will Mandarin soon take English’s place? Will we soon live in a Mandarin speaking world symbolic of China’s succesful economic triumph over the US? This is a reality that America avidly fights to prevent, but should we?

Should art be socially responsible?

Adding messages that most people find reprehensible may make viewing, reading or listening to a piece of art less entertaining. This could also reduce the money its creators make from it. Whatever the case, this view suggests that art should be socially responsible only insofar as this helps the artist achieve the aims for which the piece was created.