The Case for Politics as a Vocation, Not a Science

Max Weber understood a nation as a status-economic organization united by a common historical memory and the fight for the prestige of power and culture against other nations. Ernest Renan viewed the nation as a form of morality, the possession of a common rich legacy, the consent to live together, and the will to continue to value the heritage which all hold in common.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

“Should I stay or should I go?” is more than a mere lyric from The Clash’s song that has now gone viral on TikTok as teens continue romanticizing the pop culture of the 80s. However, it embodies the question haunting Ukrainians since 2014. 

Navigating the Digital World: Youth, Technology, and Democracy

This year’s Third Summit for Democracy brought young democratic leaders together to address the implications of social media.

El Salvador’s Struggle with Gang Violence: A Need for a New Approach

“We are no longer the world’s death capital, and we achieved it in record time.” declared Nayib Bukele during the 78th UN General Assembly. After the country experienced a spike in gang violence in March 2022, Bukele has since arrested more than 78,175 people under a state of emergency according to Gustavo Villatoro, El Salvador’s justice and public safety minister, which granted suspension of some fundamental rights.

China’s Emergence as a Superpower: Opportunity or Threat to Global Governance?

Many argue that China’s rise as a superpower poses a formidable threat to the global community. By challenging the economies of developed democratic states, China attempts to undermine the post-World War II rules-based order designed to promote cooperation, liberalization, and democratization.

Anna Shatalova

Hello everyone! I am Ukrainian and a first year student studying PPLE. I am very interested in studying sociopolitical topics that concern human rights and political systems in which our world is organized. I am excited to cover today’s pending social debates and share information on some very interesting events happening in the IE tower! I’m always happy to discuss and connect with people, so don’t hesitate to contact me.
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