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I hope you are all having a wonderful summer break wherever around the world you might be. In case you happen to pass by Madrid during these summer months, and you have a little extra time between moving your boxes from one apartment to another, after brunch or even before going bar hopping we suggest going to an exhibition. An exhibition is the perfect activity for the summer as you are able to explore new areas of Madrid as well as learn more about cultures and art from around the world! Here are a variety of exhibitions we highly recommend you go see around the city!

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Every summer, Madrid becomes the point of reference of photography with the annual exhibition PHotoESPAÑA that focuses on the latest issues and trends of photography. The heart of the XXIV edition will be Pan African photography seen from a global perspective, women (national and international) photographers and sustainability. This event takes place in many of the famous museums of the city, and is a very good occasion to visit them if you haven’t before.

When: Until the 30th September

Location: Círculo de Bellas Artes, Matadero Madrid, Museo ICO, Casa Árabe, Museo Lázaro Galdiano, Museo Cerralbo, Real Jardín Botánico, Sala Canal de Isabel II de la Comunidad de Madrid, Museo del Romanticismo y CentroCentro.

Price: Free

Opening hours: check this website

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Advertisement courtesy of Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Joanie Lemercier, Paisajes de luz

For sure you must have heard of, if not been to, Ikono, the museum where you can experience and be part of the exhibition. Joanie Lemercier is an artist born in 1982 who was one of the first experimenting this technique. His art pieces use technology to make the spectator reflect on current issues such as climate change through sensory experiences. Here you will find installations focused on distortions, movements, illusions, 3D and digital effects for an exhibition that involves all the five senses. 

When: Until the 25th of July

Location: Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Address: Calle del Fuencarral, 3

Price: Free if you reserve before on this website

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 12:00-20:00, Monday closed

Image courtesy of TeleMadrid

Filomena a mi pesar

If, like me, you were home when the snow storm happened in January, and you are passionate about photography, this is the exhibition for you! Starting the 15th June, until the 9th of January, the History Museum of Madrid (located in the heart of Chueca) will host a collection of the best pictures taken during the storm that painted the whole city white. 

When 15th June – 9th January

Location: Museo de la Historia

Address: Calle del Fuencarral, 78

Price: Free entry

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-20:00, Monday closed

More info: Visit this website

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Advertisement courtesy of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) 

¿Pintas o Dibujas? Un paseo por el arte de la mano del cómic

Nowadays if you ask ten people what they think art is, you won’t have a single answer; because everyone’s perception of art is different. Some reckon tattoos are, some grafitis and whatever else you can think about, probably someone around the world thinks that’s art. This exposition shows the works of eleven of the most famous spanish comic artists. If you are looking for something different go and check it out!

When: 1st July – 24th August

Location: Paseo de Recoletos

Address: Paseo de Recoletos, s/n. (Part from Plaza de Cibeles to Calle Prim)

Price: Free

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-20:00, Monday closed

More info: Visit this website

For a full calendar of exhibitions in Madrid see this website!

Let us know what you think of these exhibitions if you end up going and if you have any other suggestions send us them via @ieustork! Stay tuned for other summer articles!

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