Segovia’s new students residence: Palacio de La Floresta


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Segovia, Spain – Segovia’s new student residence, Palacio de La Floresta, opened its doors to new IE University students as well as the general public this September of 2019.

The start of the 2019/2020 academic year marked the beginning of a new residence called Palacio de La Floresta that opened its doors and welcomed IE University students for this upcoming year.

La Floresta’s owner, Juan Antonio González Arroyo – who is also the proprietor of the Factory Residence Hall – acquired the building last year on July 30, and immediately began the entire process of renovating the building.

“Our aim was to give the service of accommodation for new students at IE University,” stated Arroyo, “we took the grand opportunity of finding a building that met our wants and needs.”

The entrance to the new residence located between the Aqueduct and Plaza Mayor.
The entrance to the new residence located between the Aqueduct and Plaza Mayor.

Located in Calle San Agustin 21, the residence is between Segovia’s Plaza Mayor and the Aqueduct. Constructed in the 16th century, the building can accommodate up to 800 people, serve as a restaurant and host events, such as weddings, birthdays, and holy communions.

“We started out with two main concepts, La Floresta being both a student residence and a restaurant for the general public,” said the proprietor, “We want it to be a meeting point for students from Sweet Home Segovia, Factory and even Reyes Catolicos in order for them to take advantage of our facilities.”

To make the particular building more suitable for students, Arroyo, and his son, Juan Gonzalez Montarelo – an alumnus of IE University who pursued Architecture – worked on the project and developed it in the form of a luxury and boutique-like residence.

When asked about his experience of living in the residence, Curro Mompean, a first-year Economics student, stated, “I am very happy living in La Floresta. There is a very friendly atmosphere and the services they provide make my life quite comfortable.”

Despite its limited 20-meal-buffet, La Floresta is doing better than expected. In this aspect, many students have been requesting for a larger quantity of the meal-buffet and with the residence providing up to 40 meals a month as a response. The residence also has special offers to those that are members of either The Factory Residence Hall and Sweet Home Segovia, as well as opening its restaurant to the inhabitants of Segovia.

The dining hall in the residence.
The dining hall in the residence.

“There is nothing in particular that I dislike about the residence, except maybe the food on some days,” mentioned Amadea Sellmeyer, “I’m very pleased with the family-like connection you quickly build with everyone,” described the student pointing out that there are only 34 rooms available.

Arroyo has made his point of how he wishes La Floresta, despite being a residence, to become a meeting point for students from all residences of all years.

Room in El Palacio de La Floresta.
One of the rooms in El Palacio de La Floresta.

Overall, the students feel extremely satisfied with La Floresta. Aleksandra Miezelis stated,

“If I were to become a fresher again, I would definitely choose La Floresta again, as I find the location perfect, the friendly staff and good food.”



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