SPAIN – Presidential Elections in Spain will take place on Sunday the 10th of November. This past Monday the five main parties of the Spanish Government took part in a TV debate. We’ve made a compilation of memes related to our Uni life and the debate.  We hope you’ll appreciate our Spanish humor. 

If you want to see the debate you can find it here. 

Comment to let us know your favorite! 

1. Exams.

2. All about stones. 

3. “Party situation”

4. Spanish Nationalism

5. Love life 

6. Sustainability 

7. Feminism Appreciation 

8. Boyband feels

9. The Simpsons

10. Is getting sexual in here… “MAMADA”

11. Bromance

12. Look for  the differences 

13. Midterm Season pt.1

14. Midterm Season pt.2



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