It is undeniable that an outfit is barely ever complete, unless you add the right piece of jewelry to it. In fact, jewelry plays a vital role in fashion, and has the unquestionable ability to shed the light on a woman’s best features, especially when the right piece is worn at the right time and occasion. Also, it plays a significant role in making women feel good about themselves and making them feel more confident, which is one of the things women value greatly. 

Since the beginning of summer, we have been seeing a lot of repeated and colorful patterns that are indefinitely reflecting individuality at the same time. This brings us to discuss in this article the most trendy jewelry of the season.

Bold Gold

​To start off, Bold Gold is never an exception from the list of what is trending. From chain necklaces and hoops, to sculptured rings, gold accessories are always a go-to. The reason why a lot of people gravitate towards gold jewelry is simple: it goes with every outfit! Whether it be day or night, this material blends perfectly with other accessories in your closet. Nevertheless, it is the ideal complexion on warm tones, which in return can make your whole look more flattering. Finally, to add a cherry on top, gold was and has always been a status symbol and can even display cultural significance.

IMG 9233


​Another trend that we have seen all over the place this summer is rainbow jewelry. These accessories are very minimalistic, yet very aesthetic and fun to wear as you can mix and match them with various colors. Such types of jewels can boost a person’s mood and brighten up their style. A lot of people hate to go out of their comfort zones when it comes to fashion, however, such jewelry has proved to be ideal for the ones who need a little pop in color in their outfit.

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​The layering technique can never go unnoticed. After the pandemic, we have seen a lot of fashion going hand in hand with maximalism. Maximalism in fashion is the art of adding and blending many different pieces and prints together, to achieve a certain aesthetic. This was perfectly reflected with the art candy jewels: chains containing shorter and longer necklaces. Various people have embraced this style and are more prone to experiment with such combinations.  

​To conclude, fashion is evolving constantly, but what we know for certain is that jewelry remains an accessory that people will always resort to. It makes its unique statement for a person’s self-expression and is a very small detail yet can profoundly make you feel special.

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