Fresher’s Week Expectations 2021


After a tumultuous and uncertain 2020, IE University has seen a somewhat normal return for freshers joining the University in the new academic year. With the opening of the IE Tower and the easing of COVID restrictions in Segovia, freshers have been welcomed in full swing with the start of a new session. The Student Government has organised a series of events for the much-anticipated fresher’s week, from club fairs to speed meetings and much more. Let’s have a look at what to expect: 

  1. Speed Meetings: Fortunately in person this year, Pub Bow and Luna, two very popular locations in Segovia, will host speed meetings between new students (2 people per table in Luna and 4 people per table in Bow). Tickets are needed and are available on IE Groups(Old campus groups). For this one, experiences are always different, so get involved and you never know what might happen!
  2. IE Music Club Event: A gig by the IE Music Club is generally an awesome vibe on campus. One should expect to chill and hang out with your friends at the Segovia Campus with great music around you. Be ready for an evening filled with some absolute classics and be ready to sing along!
  3. Fresher’s Party at Sabbat: The Fresher’s Week ends with an all-out party at Sabbat in Segovia. After a week of meeting new people, participating in various activities and attending your first classes at IE, let it all go by having a blast at the Fresher’s Party in one of the best clubs in Segovia. Given the number of freshers, it will be interesting to see how the Student Government works around COVID restrictions, but nevertheless, it’s the event to look forward to in this year’s freshers week.

Even though some events have been delayed due to the weather conditions in Segovia, they will be conducted within the next week. The Fresher’s Week promises to be a memorable one for all, given the emphatic response the initial events have received from first-year students. Sign up for the events and stay tuned in for more updates!


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