Mindfulness Apps: An Honest Review of Headspace


Headspace is an app for “meditation and mindfulness for any mind, any mood, any goal.” It has had millions of downloads worldwide, and people rave about the positive effects of the app on their sleep, anxiety and the fact that it has allowed them to become more mindful about their surroundings. 

I first downloaded Headspace almost a year ago, when I was going through first semester finals. It was a stressful period for me, and I thought with all the great things I had heard about this app, that it would help me to relax a little- and it did just that. However, I stopped using the app for a couple of months then COVID hit and all of a sudden, I had so much more free time at home, and it was driving me crazy. So, I restarted headspace, and it was one of the best decisions I had made during the lockdown. 

Yes, lots of people indeed went on fitness and mental wellbeing journeys during lockdown but I don’t think headspace is necessarily a whole new journey. Still, instead, it is a small adjustment to add to your daily routine that doesn’t take long at all. The free version of headspace comes with bite sized activities for one to do to get in a daily dose of mediation. What is even better is that the free version of Headspace comes with hundreds of these exercises so you’ll never be repeating any of the activities which are great for variety. 

The only con with headspace was keeping it up at the beginning. Like most new activities such as yoga and working out, it takes time to get into the habit of doing these things, and for me, it took a while- almost six weeks to get me into the habit of doing it every day. 

However, what I also found to be unique about Headspace is that they have so many more additional resources on their website for those looking to expand their knowledge in meditation and mindfulness. They have articles on topics such as “Mediation Anxiety”, “Power Napping” and “Creating a Mindful Home Office” – an article which I found to be very helpful, particularly now that I am studying from home.   

All in all, I have to say that 100% recommend to anyone looking to try out mediation and a bit of mindfulness to download Headspace, as it helps just to relax and relieve anxiety without taking up too much of your busy day. 

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