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After an interview with IE Marketing Club’s current President Sneha Agarwal we gathered a few insights as to how the club and its members work. Not to mention their goals and plans for this upcoming semester.

If your interested in becoming part of the IE Marketing club you can also contact them through their Instagram; @iemarketingclub

What is IE Marketing Club ?

In IE Marketing Club we help people understand their marketing interest because we believe that marketing is one of the basic foundations of any business. In our club we help people gain more skills regarding marketing and the best ways to market themselves as individuals as well. We strive to foster the different entrepreneurial values and establish long-lasting connections, both in a professional and extracurricular environment. 

Why should people join your club ? And is any experience necessary ? 

We are looking for people with different perspectives and from different university levels, because it allows for an interesting dynamic to emerge. This is why we wanted  to have a balance board of coordinators and why we have been doing different get together sessions to share our thoughts and get to know one another. Since we believe that it is important to also have fun experiences as a club. 

What types of activities have you planned and wish to plan? 

During the course of the year we want to continue to plan different activities that include a variety of speakers. We have had an online activity where current IE students shared their experiences with our members and were able to initiate different conversations and debates about the industry. Not to mention we want to approach individuals and companies within the marketing industry, as means to plan a case study competition. Where students would be motivated to join and win various prices, or even gain the chance to become an intern for a certain company. 

What sets your club apart ? 

Our club sets itself apart because just like IE we gather different individuals from different countries, different backgrounds, and we establish solid connections. In addition we plan to also engage with other clubs and initiatives to expand our goals, since the field of marketing is ever evolving. We want our club to grow and develop continuously just like the marketing and technology industries. 

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Why is your club important for IE ? 

IE needs our club because we introduce our members to one fo the most important fields in business. We believe that it is important for students to be aware how to present their products or services, as well as their selves. We also feel that in order to have a holistic approach of the different techniques, students must engage with others and open their minds to the different career opportunities that the files has to offer. 

Editorial Note: This article was previously mislabeled as a “Meet the Club” article – Meet the Club is a Campus Life initiative.

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