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What is the IE Girl Up Club?

Girl Up is an organization within its self, its and NGO from the UN foundation with the focus of promoting gender equality and female empowerment all around the world. There is around 3,500  clubs from around the world that act under this organization and IE Girl Up club is the one located in Spain. 

Who can join the club ? And is any experience required ?

The club is open for everyone, both undergrad and master level. This is why within our Baird we have different types of degrees and students in charge of our club activities. The only requirement is for members to be passionate and willing to make a positive change regarding gender equality.

What type of initiatives does your club promote and plan  ?

We have been collaborating with different types of organizations. Last year we partnered with a local STEM organization in Segovia, where we served as volunteers in their program. We have also supported the IE Women initiatives against domestic violence and this year we plan to continue promoting the different types of challenges that Girl Up itself sends us through the year. Not to mention we have a campaign along with the Sisterhood foundation in India to promote education for young girls in the country.


What is your proudest achievement so far as a club?

Our proudest event so far was the SDG event, since it’s a monthly collaboration with the IE SDG club itself. Where we work alongside them two times a month and depending on the events topic we plan activities that go hand in hand with the theme. We also plan to continue working along with IE Women in Business since we believe we can continue creating new opportunities for students.

How do you communicate with students and promote your activities?

Our main communication channel its instagram, since we can immediately reach people through our stories and posts. Nevertheless, to join the club its dine through Campus Groups and later one we would add the new members to our private WhatsApp club.

Why does IE need a club like yours? What do you offer the community?

Our club is important because we give another perspective to students and our community about the problems that other people around the world face in their day to day. We as IE Girl Up club members want to give our members the ability to use their privilege to help and shape themselves into global leaders.

Editorial note: This article was previously mislabeled as a “Meet the Club” article – Meet the Club is a Campus Life initiative.

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