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Inspired by the Yes Theory youtube channel, Clemence founded the Yes Theory Club, to encourage its members to say “yes” to opportunities outside of their comfort zone. The aim of the club is to help members get to the best version of themselves. Although the club is based mostly online now, it still offers its members a group platform to share their experiences, advice, and motivate one another to achieve their goals. 

Members can follow their instagram page @ie.yestheoryclub for weekly suggestions of books, Tedx talks and activities to implement into their lives, to become the best versions of themselves. They host zoom meetings, where they can meet fellow students, exchange experiences, learn from members of the club, and even listen to guest speakers. Most recently, the club has introduced the initiative, “facing fears Friday,” where their instagram followers can share their experiences dealing with fear to be featured on their story.

Here are a few answers from our interview with Clemence that can give everyone more insight into how and why they should join the club:

What is the IE Yes Theory Club?

The IE Yes Theory Club is a project with the purpose of helping people overcome their fears, get them out of their comfort zone and make them experience new things that they wouldn’t otherwise have. We want to push people to say yes to everything.

How was the club born?

The Club’s president, Clémence, had recently discovered the original Yes Theory Channel, and she saw how they inspired their followers and wanted to implement this into the IE community, and that’s why she created the club.

What can a member of your club expect?

To be pushed out of their comfort zone and be challenged to overcome their fears.

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How can people join, contact, or participate?

People can join the club through CampusGroups, which is also where they would have to sign up for our events. To contact us, they can do so by email through CampusGroups, or on Instagram (@ie.yestheoryclub), or they can join our WhatsApp group!

What is the club looking forward to this year?

This is the club’s first year as it has just been created, so we are looking forward to growing in numbers, building a strong community and having as much fun as possible, given the circumstances.

How do you think the club embodies IE values? (entrepreneurship, tech & innovation, diversity, etc.)

The club is innovative regarding entrepreneurship and   tech., since we have to organise events where people can get out of their comfort zone, all the while sitting at home, through Zoom meetings. Moreover, it promotes diversity since we are looking to recruit anyone with whatever type of background, so everyone can learn more about the world in a safe environment.

Who can join the club?

Anyone can join the club, it is open to all IE students and faculty, from any campus, without any criteria besides their motivation!

How has the club adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic?

The club is currently having all their events online, through Zoom, we have built a following on our instagram account and keep our members updated with our activities thanks to our WhatsApp group.

On a final note, you can find out more about the Yes Theory club on their Instagram. Clemence would like to remind everyone to please be patient with their management team as “we know the upcoming events aren’t what everyone expects to happen but with the pandemic our actions are very limited. Thank you!”

Editorial note: This article was created in association with Campus Life as part of their Meet The Club initiative.

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