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While IE students return back to campus or simply open their screens to start their academic year, Student Government has faced various setbacks while planning this year’s freshmen activities. This of course due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in Spain and around the world. Even though their initial intentions were to divide and extent freshers week into two, the new restrictions set by the university following those of the Madrid authorities have forced Student Government to postpone all face to face activities until further notice. As means to, as they stated in their social media post; “safeguard your health to the best of our abilities”.

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Student Government Statement via Instagram

Nevertheless, they continue to work on providing new arrivals with online events and seminars with the purpose of “establishing a homogeneous environment where students can attend all events and meet each other in an even playing field. In order for students that will not attend face to face classes or come to campus to be included in all interactions” said Maria Laura Costa SG Communications Officer.

This is why 2 weeks ago they entertained freshers with activities such as; Zoom Speed Dating, WIB Event, Kahoot’s and a Trivia Night. Yet, there focus over the past week has shifted from freshens week ensuring that all students are following the safety precautions while entering the classroom. Taking into account the fact that IE’s Administration has realized several communicates stating the repercussion students will suffer if safety measures are not followed. Thus, putting pressure in al community leaders to spread all new COVID-19 regulations.

Nonetheless, Student Government is not the only student lead organization that has been working to entertain new students. Other student lead initiatives such as, IE Mentorship Society and clubs have been active in showing their new arrivals a good IE welcome. Through, other online events and through several recruitments processes. In order to, continue with their year schedule and plan new and innovative events.

Thus, even though new restrictions have been set, and students and parents alike decide what their plans for the year are the IE community continues to work together in making this academic year one to remember.

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